About Mixed Wrestling Power

Mixed wrestling power is the world’s only portal dedicated to the fans of and participants in mixed wrestling. This site endeavors to provide the latest and most up to date info about this sport. From the latest events, to stories, news and listing the best of the best in terms of the talented ladies who eagerly participate, we try to get to it all. This cyber playground intends to be fun and comprehensive.

Too many sites these days only try to get you to join. There is certainly nothing wrong with membership sites (we join them and recommend our favorites). But it gets to where it difficult to just have fun surfing the web in terms of this hobby as most pay sites only give you just a smattering of content. It is financially unfeasible to join them all. Here we provide our content to you the site visitor for free.

And we always endeavor to treat people with the utmost respect. Visitors here are the same ones who arrange and pay for wrestling sessions, buy mixed wrestling and catfight DVDs as well as join pay sites. This is a place for them and each and every one will be afforded the utmost dignity and consideration.

This principle is extended to all associated with this site.

We also do our very best on behalf of the gorgeous ladies who participate in mixed wrestling... be it in person for sessions, on a DVD, generate photos and video for the web.. you name it. Without them, this activity just wouldn't exist. They deserve all of the respect, admiration and effort that we can muster.