Pinned Purse Snatcher

Pinned Purse Snatcher - Stomach Sitting


Olga is certainly someone not to be toyed with. She is minding her own business in the park and is then accosted by Del.

Olga, who stands 5'10" tall and weighs 135lbs, is not only pretty, she is very athletic. She knocks down Del and pins him solidly to the ground.

Olga sits heavily on top of his stomach, using her weight to keep him immobilized. She places her knees on his shoulders as she sits her sexy ass full weight on his stomach. Olga completely enjoys her victory and lourdes it by shaking Del's face, bouncing on his stomach and squeezing his face with her knees. She is totally indifferent to the suffering and crushing of her weight bearing down on his belly.

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Runnning Time: 15 minutes
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