Schoolgirl Pin

Schoolgirl Pin

The schoolgirl pin is one of the most frequently used finishing moves. It comes quite naturally to people when engaged in any sort of fight, whether it be a fantasy mixed wrestling match, a full on catfight or a fight going on in the street. In MMA, it is known as the mount. When you have your opponent trapped in it and they are too tired or you are simply too heavy, they know they are defeated.

It basically involves getting your opponent on their back and sitting on top. The classic schoolgirl pin is commonly thought to be where you are sitting on your downed opponent’s chest. You can also sit on top of your opponent’s stomach. Controlling your opponent’s arms is the first order of business when you have the pin applied. The wrists can be held to the ground by their head or even better is to use your knees on their arms.
In a tight chest sitting schoolgirl pin, your knees can be used to tightly bind their arms close to their head. This makes their arms entirely useless towards trying any sort of escape.

Sitting on your opponent’s belly right around the belt line, is advantageous if you want to deliver punches or slaps. You can get more leverage into your strikes. Immobilizing their arms with your knees is perfectly viable when applying the schoolgirl pin sitting on your opponent’s stomach. If you get your knees on their shoulders, they are quite useless towards attempts to escape.

This is a favorite hold of many as it is easy to apply once you have your opponent on their back and takes little learning. In fact, it is pretty natural to most people. One of the most enjoyed aspects of the schoolgirl pin is the clear dominance. Your opponent has to endure the weight of your sitting on top and also has to look up at your face as long as you decide to keep them pinned.

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  • S. Morgan says:

    Once had a fight with a girl at school, she chopped me in the kidneys, I couldn’t breathe and collapsed to the floor, she straddled me and schoolgirl pinned me till I begged her to stop.

    • Rick says:

      Once had a sort of fantasy “fight” with my girlfriend where she “forced” me down onto my back then sat on me (always on my stomach) and pinned my arms. Stayed that way for almost an hour, when I think she figured out I liked it as much as she did. After that, if I was anywhere close to horizontal she would come over and either roll me belly up and sit on me or just come over and sit down on my stomach, usually for at least a half an hour. Loved every minute (both of us!)!! 🙂 🙂

    • Kavon says:

      U a girl to ? She sat on u while u were collapsed?

  • Jamesres says:

    I enjoy looking through your site. thnx!

  • Jim says:

    I let my girlfriend think she really had me pinned down when she challenged me to a schoolgirl pin match to the count of 60 she was a heavy woman all from the hips down now sitting on my chest and counting her thighs covering my face as I pretend bucking with all I have and only lifting her butt just enough for the glistening spandex hover as my arms pinned again she is almost to 50 51 52 and laughing as I’m wildly bucking 57 58 59 60 when she scoots back just enough to look at me and says I really do have you pinned and I just proved it by sitting on your face and laughing at you to prove to myself that you were furious and trying your hardest buck me instead of having to admit a woman can humiliate you as bad as I did and forcing you to smell down there everytime you bucked I could smell the stinky air from my butt before dropping on your face again
    and again that’s when I knew I beat you fair and square. I should have ended it right there and bucked her off at will to show her the truth but my fetish took over and I pretended to try to unseat her with all I had while loving my spandex view not wanting it to end I told her when I get out of this your gonna be sorry so her answer was to keep me pinned down until I am completely spent and calmed down what I didn’t realize was her thinking it was real and how she pinned me verbally humiliated me making me bridge and desperately buck and push with my arms grunting as if it was real. At that moment she decided she was ending the relationship because she saw me as a whimp and she couldn’t wait to tell everyone about her newfound power and publicly humiliate my name she wouldn’t ever give me a rematch when challenged stating I already had my rematch and lost. To this day she believes it was real she even boasted to my now wife of 27 years who knows the whole story already. Never give all your power to a woman like that because you can’t get it back making it worse than if it was real

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