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The Art of Reina Canalla

Reina is an exceptional and highly talented erotic artist from Barcelona. She began painting and drawing at the age of 16 and went on to study at Carme Muset Art Academy. She has plenty of published works under her belt which includes a comic book series, “Anne-Marie” which tells the sexy adventure stories of heroines in buccaneer times.

Her works celebrate “warrior women.” Reina says, “ fighting woman has a special appeal, powerful magic, you know. She’s like an electric summer storm, unexpected, brutal. She’ll give her all to win because the fever of the fight has possessed her and her primal instincts take over. Now imagine two of these women fighting against each other. That’s more than sexy!” Clearly the sexiness and tension is something she feels.

Her catfighting illustrations are particularly compelling. Growing up, Reina has had many catfights with her sister which involved hair pulling, wrestling, scratching and hurling objects. She herself is featured in some of her catfight illustrations.

The sexiness and allure of her work is distinctive. Reina does not involve gore in her fight scenes and she doesn’t need to. Her art tells the story and captures the tension of two women engaged in a heated fight where there is a triumphant winner and defeated looser.

Reina is often commissioned for illustration and is always available to for more. She can be found at or via email at Reina can certainly bring your vision to life!

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Catfight Schoolgirl Pin – Alexis Takes a Beating

Alexis is a super sexy milf model. A few years ago, her agent found a gig doing a private catfight. Being athletic and having been in a few catfights before, Alexis took the gig. She did not get any injuries and in fact found it to be kind of fun. Since, she has had more bouts as Gail has come across them for her. Alexis was pretty good at hair pulling and slapping and held her own against women like herself… other models.

On Friday, Gail called her about a fight to take place the next afternoon. One of the opponents cancelled and the organizer desperately needed someone to take the gig. The match was set to take place on his farm and he had 30 guys who bought tickets. The rules were to be a ten minute non stop match with pay for both, win or lose, though the winner gets an additional $250. No face punching, but body punches and face slapping allowed. Gail texted a picture of Marlene, who Alexis would fight. Alexis thought she looked tough and probably outweighed her. But Alexis won her last two matches and figured that if she could keep it standing, she would win. Alexis told Gail, “sure I am in.”

Marlene was nothing like Alexis. She worked on a farm and has always been very strong. Marlene also has had a number of private catfights as well as some real life fights. She was more or a brawler and did not much like fashion model types. Marlene felt that hair pulling and scratching was for movies instead of catfights.

Alexis made the three hour drive and arrived at the farm right on time. She stripped out of her jeans and blouse and into the agreed upon garters and was led out to a crudely made ring behind the barn. It was really an area where the tall grass was cleared and a few blankets were spread out on the ground. It also had some homemade bleachers around it. By the barn, the crowd of spectators, mostly men, stood around drinking beer.

Marlene came out of the barn and the organizer led her over to Alexis. Alexis was immediately struck by how much bigger she appeared in person. They were about the same height, but Marlene was much stockier. Alexis figured she outweighed her by about 50lbs. which was about right. Marlene extended her hand and gave Alexis a hard squeeze. She told her, “this is going to be a lot of fun for me.” Alexis told her, “don’t be too sure of yourself.” Marlene laughed and said, “if you try to pull my hair, I will return the favor.”

The crowd drifted over and took the bleachers, as lots of side bets were being made. Alexis and Marlene took their places in the ring as the rules were read. The organized started the clock and yelled, “fight!”

Marlene and Alexis began to circle around each other looking for an opening.

Marlene looked down at her feet as she moved over the fold of the blanket and Alexis caught her with hard slap to the side of the face. She moved in to grab her, but Marlene caught her with a hard stomach punch. Alexis almost doubled over and let out an “ooph” as she stepped back. Marlene charged her knocking Alexis to the ground. Alexis rolled away and got back to her feet.

This time she charged Marlene and locked up with her. She got her arms around Marlene’s head and tried to use leverage to toss her to the ground, but Marlene was able to spread her legs wide and keep her balance. She then reached up along Alexis’ back and got a hand across her face. She yanked backwards, sending Alexis toward the ground. Marlene also sprawled on top of her landing on her body. Alexis quickly grabbed hold of Marlene’s hair and began to yank. Marlene scowled, “I told you not to do that!” Marlene got a hold of one of Alexis wrists and was trying for the other. Knowing that she had to act fast, Alexis used her free hand to grab around Marlene’s body then used her opposing leg to roll her over onto her back. Alexis stayed in the roll and was on top of Marlene.

But Marlene was too strong and began to sit up. Alexis realized she couldn’t keep her down and quickly got to her feet. Marlene was quickly on her feet too.

Marlene hit Alexis hard on the left side of her face with a big slap, making her ears ring. Alexis swung back at her, but Marlene dodged it. Marlene then nailed Alexis with another big slap connecting with the right side of her face. Alexis stumbled back a little and Marlene followed it with a stomach punch, sending Alexis to the ground. Hoots from the crowd. Instead of jumping on her, Marlene waited for Alexis to get to her feet.

The blonde began to realize she was in trouble here.

Alexis charged at Marlene trying to tackle her, but she side stepped and flung Alexis to the ground. She got up again and grabbed two handfuls of Marlene’s hair. This earned the blonde a big punch to the stomach, which plowed into her lower belly doubling her over. Her hands let go of Marlene’s hair as she covered her stomach and sank to her knees.

Marlene doesn’t usually use hair pulling but figured she’d make an exception this time as she grabbed two handfuls of the blonde’s hair, growling “let’s see how you like it!” Alexis was now at a sitting position as Marlene began to jerk her back and forth. Alexis tried to get to her feet, but Marlene’s had control of her head and shoved Alexis onto her back. Alexis did not want to wind up on the bottom but was powerless to stop it.

Still having two handfuls of hair, Marlene stood over Alexis and crashed her ass onto her belly. Alexis let out an oomph as Marlene’s full weight landed ass first onto her stomach. Marlene let go of her hair and began to grab for her wrists. Alexis bucked up with her hips knocking Marlene sideways. She tried to roll herself away to get up, but Marlene managed to grab one of her wrists and pull herself back on top. She sat down on Alexis stomach again and got a hold of the other wrists. Marlene loves to get an opponent trapped in a solid pin and powered Alexis’ arms to the ground by her head.

Alexis was running out of steam with the heavier woman sitting on her. Alexis has found herself trapped in a schoolgirl pin before and knows how hard it can be to escape. The prior time, it was during a catfight with another fashion model who was the same size. This time she was being sat on by a very strong woman who outweighed her by at least 50 lbs.

Alexis laid still wanting to get her energy back. Marlene looked down at her said, “c’mon miss prissy, lets see you get out of this!”

Alexis waited about another 20 seconds and then tried to buck the bigger lady off her using her hips. When she would raise Marlene’s body up, she’d try to twist in order to throw her off balance. This was using up a lot of Alexis’ remaining energy and Marlene calmly rode her through the bucking and twisting. After a number of futile attempts to escape the pin, Alexis was still. Marlene swept her arms under her knees and adjusted herself to a comfortable sitting position on her stomach. The crowd hooted and hollered. Alexis was no longer thinking about the winner’s bonus and instead, was thinking about how Marlene’s weight felt like being sat on by a big zoo animal.

Alexis was also wondering how much time remained on the clock. There was still plenty.

Alexis looked up at her nemesis and did what is customary. She angrily asserted, “get off me fat bitch!” Marlene laughed and said, “FAT? How do you like this?” and bounced her weight onto Alexis stomach. Alexis was in quite a predicament as the crowd yelled with excitement. The thuds were getting quite painful. Alexis tried to use her knees to hit Marlene in the back but it was having little effect. She laid still and Marlene finally stopped with butt drops.

Wanting to use up the time remaining in the match, Marlene decided to switch tactics and began to slowly and methodically slap Alexis across the face, landing her meaty hands around her eyes. The slaps were having a dizzying effect and Alexis periodically yelled out, “bitch” and “fat cow.” This just made Marlene angrier. She looked down at Alexis and said, “because you are such a hair pulling fan, let me show you how it’s done.”

Marlene grabbed a big chunk of Alexis’s hair with her right hand pulling her head up. Then she focused a series of meaty slaps to Alexis’ eye. The model was totally regretting having had taken this catfight. She tried to use her arms to somehow lift the bigger woman off of her, but it was no use.

Marlene finally stopped with the slaps and let her head fall back onto the ground and placed her hands on her hips. Alexis was just hoping the match time was almost over and decided to not do anything to anger her nemesis who continued sitting on her belly. She knew she was totally out of energy anyway and could not escape the pin even if she had something left.

Marlene looked down at Alexis’ face and said, “give you bitch.” Alexis said, “you won, what in the hell else do you want from me?” Marelene’s weight was really heavy on her stomach and extremely uncomfortable. She wanted her to get up but did not want to admit having had lost, even if it meant being flattened some more. Marlene laughed and said, “I could go back to slapping you or rip out some more of your hair.”

Just then, the referee rang the ten minute bell and time was yelled. Alexis was totally relieved as Marlene slowly got up off her. Literally a weight was lifted off her and she slowly got to her feet.

Alexis was totally spent after the drubbing she took having little energy. She put on her blouse and pants, struggling a bit to buckle her belt and get her boots back on.

The two combatants were led back to the center of the ring and the referee lifted Marlene’s arm in victory. Some of the crowd came up and congratulated the two on putting on a fantastic catfight. Alexis could feel some swelling around her eyes and was already starting to ache all over. She smiled and just wanted to get back to her car and get out of there. That is exactly what she did.

The next day, some of her twitter fans were asking how the match went. Alexis took a selfie while she was out shopping and posted it. Her face pretty much told the story. One of her fans asked if she plans to do any more catfights. Alexis thought about that on her way home. She knew she had no interest in being outmatched like that again and definitely would not do a rematch against Marlene. But against another model? Mmmmmm.

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Schoolgirl Pin

The schoolgirl pin is one of the most frequently used finishing moves. It comes quite naturally to people when engaged in any sort of fight, whether it be a fantasy mixed wrestling match, a full on catfight or a fight going on in the street. In MMA, it is known as the mount. When you have your opponent trapped in it and they are too tired or you are simply too heavy, they know they are defeated.

It basically involves getting your opponent on their back and sitting on top. The classic schoolgirl pin is commonly thought to be where you are sitting on your downed opponent’s chest. You can also sit on top of your opponent’s stomach. Controlling your opponent’s arms is the first order of business when you have the pin applied. The wrists can be held to the ground by their head or even better is to use your knees on their arms.
In a tight chest sitting schoolgirl pin, your knees can be used to tightly bind their arms close to their head. This makes their arms entirely useless towards trying any sort of escape.

Sitting on your opponent’s belly right around the belt line, is advantageous if you want to deliver punches or slaps. You can get more leverage into your strikes. Immobilizing their arms with your knees is perfectly viable when applying the schoolgirl pin sitting on your opponent’s stomach. If you get your knees on their shoulders, they are quite useless towards attempts to escape.

This is a favorite hold of many as it is easy to apply once you have your opponent on their back and takes little learning. In fact, it is pretty natural to most people. One of the most enjoyed aspects of the schoolgirl pin is the clear dominance. Your opponent has to endure the weight of your sitting on top and also has to look up at your face as long as you decide to keep them pinned.

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Butt Dropped to Oblivion

Jana Linke Sippl is an imposing lady. At 210lbs of pure muscle, she can bend her opponents like pretzels and then flatten them. That is just what happened to Del when filming a clip. It was supposed to be a simple video shoot. But Jana really got into overpowering him and shut him down with intense butt drops.

The video began and continued as expected. Jana twisted Del onto his back. He tried to break free but Jana quickly got her weight onto his chest and got control of his arms. One was seized by his wrist and the other was tied up in her powerful thighs. With her body on his chest and arms immobilized, all he could do was to bring his legs close and attempt to use them as leverage to twist out. He made just a little progress with this until Jana just stretched his arms out even more by using her legs and arms. It was not long before his struggles to get out of the cross body pin were completely useless.

Jana then postured up and swung herself astride him and into a grapevine pin. Her legs are intensely powerful and Del had pretty much zero chance of overpowering her thighs. Jana was truly enjoying her mastery over Del. He has very strong arms but so does Jana. With her weight on top of him and upper body supporting her arms as she had his wrists, Del could not get his arms free. He was totally immobilized by her grapevine pin.

It was supposed to be a routine video shoot, but she was taking real pleasure in the defeat she was handing out. Jana decided what she wanted to do next to take it even further.

Jana released Del’s legs from the grapevine and launched herself into the mount position, crashing her ass onto his stomach. At 210lbs, this resulted in quite an impact almost knocking the wind out of Del. Jana put her knees onto his shoulders and sat upright.

He took stock of his predicament as she continued sitting on him and tried to get his stamina back. Del knew he could not move his upper body with her powerful thighs tying up his arms and twisting out would never work with her weight bearing down on his belly. The only thing he had that was free was his legs. With that, he pulled them in close and bucked upwards trying to dislodge Jana. But she has good balance and when he couldn’t keep her lifted with his legs and let go, her weight crashed back on top of him.

Jana took a lot of enjoyment in this and then lifted herself up and dropped her ass onto his stomach causing him to let out an oomph as her butt landed with a smacking sound. Jana laughed and proceeded to do this over and over again. She began to raise up her arms in effort to focus as much of her weight as possible onto his stomach and generate the maximum inertia with each crash landing.

Del knew there was nothing he could do and had no choice except to endure the butt drops as long as Jana decided to impose them on him and hopefully without passing out.

The video is available here…

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Spanish Soap Opera Catfight

In the final episode of Celebridade, Maria Clara gets even with Laura (played by Cláudia Abreu).

Maria (played by Malu Mader) traps Laura in the bathroom at a banquet. Maria slaps Laura across the face. Angry Laura rushes at Maria only to be slapped harder, knocking her to the ground.

Before she has a chance to get up, Maria jumps on top and gets control of her arms. Laura twists and bucks, but has no chance to get free from the bigger and stronger Maria.

Maria pins Laura’s arms with her knees and sits her weight onto Laura’s belly. With her rival pinned beneath her, Maria proceeds to deliver a series of powerful slaps across Laura’s face.

The petite Laura has no chance of escape with the heavier Maria Clara sitting on her and arms trapped in her pinioning thighs. Laura yells but can only try to ride it out.

Its not long before Laura is pretty much motionless beneath Maria Clara, who finally gets up and leaves Laura laying on the floor of the bathroom. The production team hammed it up pretty good with blood and effects.

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Cat Fight School Girl Pin – Halloween Humiliation

Beth and Lori were looking forward to a fun Halloween night of costumes and drinking. Looking spectacular in their costumes, they had some time to kill before the start of the party. With that, they headed to the back yard to get warmed up with some vodka martinis. It was an unusually warm October evening and both ladies knocked back a couple pretty quickly.

They were dressed up as a female wrestling tag team with Beth as BatGirl and Lori sporting a Wonder Woman costume. Beth felt particularly sexy in her costume. At 5’5 and 110lbs, she strutted around the yard making wrestling poses. Lori laughed and said, “You wish you could really do that.” Beth said back, “I can take anyone!” Lori stood up and said, “Anyone but me.” Lori stands 5’7” and weighs 130lbs. With a laugh, Beth said, “Well bring it then.”

Lori and Beth locked up and battled to take the other down. Lori had been in a few fights before and she swept Beth’s legs out from under her and they went down in a heap. She quickly got a rear choke on Beth and wrapped her legs around her waist. Beth twisted and wriggled and both ladies quickly got a bit sweaty. Lori said, “So you give right.” Beth, who had never been in a fight before, did not want to lose so easily. She grimaced and said, “No Way!”

Beth managed to twist around so that she was face to face and on top. Lori still had her arms and legs around Beth but could feel her losing her grip. Beth got her hands on the ground and pushed, breaking Lori’s arms from holding her. Beth then went backwards and slithered out of Lori’s legs. Beth was now on her knees as Lori was starting to get up. Beth was coming at her and Lori threw a knee into Beth’s stomach. It caught Beth by surprise knocking her on to her back. Lori got on top of her and was trying to tie up her legs in a grapevine pin. But Beth kept them free, locked up Lori with arms and they began to roll. When Beth was on top, she sprawled her legs to stop and she now had Lori on her back.

Beth grabbed her wrists and scrambled to kneeling position astride Lori. She dropped her cute ass full weight onto Lori’s belly. Lori sure felt the impact and let out an “oomph as Beth’s weight landed on her belly. Beth also had Lori’s wrists. Lori tried to keep Beth from getting her wrists on the ground, but from the bottom it was impossible and soon Beth soon got her wrists pinned by her head.

She used her legs to try to buck Beth off, but her balance was too good. Plus each time she did this, Beth’s weight would land hard on her belly. Lori tried twisting free but Beth squeezed her legs into Lori’s mid section. Realizing the advantage, Beth began to bounce her ass up and down on to Lori’s stomach, each time landing with a thud and Lori making an “oomph.”

Lori finally stopped struggling. Beth pinned her arms with her knees and folded her arms across her chest.  Beth was truly enjoying her position of dominance and Lori could not believe she was on her back with the smaller girl sitting on her.

Beth looked down at her and said, “it looks like you are the one who has to give!” Lori told her to get up but she was in no position to make demands. Beth said, “give up and I will think about it.” She was enjoying herself too much anyway. Lori snarled, “no way.” With that, Beth slid up so that she was sitting on Lori’s chest with her thighs encasing Lori’s face and shins firmly pinning her arms. Beth felt quite a rush as she now had Lori in a humiliating school girl pin. She had never been in a fight before yet her she had Lori pinned flat. Lori shouted, “get the hell off of me you bitch!”

Beth laughed and figured she really press her win. She slid up a little further so that she was covering Lori’s face and she could be heard as “mmmpppphhhhh.”  Lori struggled to get free from Beth sitting on her face but it was to no avail. Beth was too strong and Lori was too exhausted. After about 30 seconds, Beth slid back so that she was sitting back on top of her tits. Beth looked down at her and said, “I am TRULY enjoying this.” Lori shouted, “just get up you damn bitch!” It’s never good to taunt the person who is sitting on you and Beth bounced her ass on her foes chest. Lori shouted, “Ouch! That fucking hurts.” With that, Beth slid forward again covering up Lori’s mouth, saying, “Well this will shut you up.” She enjoyed the muffled sounds of Lori hurling protest.”MMMMPPPPPHHHHH.” She also gave her face an extra squeeze with her thighs. After about 60 seconds, she slid back allowing her some air.

Lori gasped in some breaths and angrily said, “how much longer do you intend to do this?” Her nemesis looked down at her and said bluntly, “until I am ready to let you up.” Lori again shouted, “you fucking bitch!”  With that, Beth slide up yet again and squeezed her face tightly with her thighs. Lori tried to not make noise or struggle realizing Beth enjoyed it when she did. But she could help it with the warmth of Beth’s pussy through her spandex costume covering up her mouth and nose. Before long, Lori resumed, “mmmmmpppphhhh!’

Finally Beth moved back and dropped her ass on to Lori, sitting on her stomach. Lori let an oomph as the wind was forced out of her as Beth landed. She kept her knees on Lori’s wrists, adjusted herself to comfortable position, folder her arms across her chest and continued sitting full weight on her belly. Lori did not bother to struggle as Beth enjoyed the sensation of dominance. She looked down into Lori’s face, and said, “you shouldn’t have insisted that I give. It only made me more determined.” Lori had to accept the reality that the smaller lady had won as she was completely pinned and unable to do anything about it. She looked up at Beth, and said, “well, I cannot believe that you kicked my ass.” Beth said, “I am still sitting on you so that pretty means that I am STILL kicking your ass!” Both ladies laughed and Beth said, “say that you give and I will let you up.” Lori said, “I GIVE!” With that, Beth finally got up and gave Lori a hand getting up off the ground.

They finished the rest of their drinks and headed off to the party.

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Older Gentleman School Girl Pinned

Lisa and Judy shared an apartment next door to a very nice man. They where both attending the local college about a mile away. The man, Jerry was always very courteous to them. He was a good looking man of 65 years of age and was quite wealthy. Both girls liked him and picked up on his subtle flirting. One day Jery made the comment in conversation about sports that he enjoyed watching college girls wrestle.

Both girls where athletic as Lisa (20 yo, 5’10”, 170 lbs) played on the soccer team as did Judy (21 yo, 5’8″, 155 lbs) and both worked out at the gym three times a week. They decided to give their next door friend a show. The girls invited him in for some tea and conversation when the topic changed to wrestling. Lisa asked Gerry if he wanted to watch them wrestle on the living room floor. To their surprise, the older guy said sure but it would be even more fun if he wrestled with them! Both girls didn’t expect this response but after some teasing decided to go along with it.

Gerry just took off his shoes.He had on casual pants and a knit shirt. The man was quite thin and about 5’8″ in height. “I want to wrestle him first” said the busty brunette Judy. She winked at Lisa as she slipped out of her casual dress and shoes. Standing before the man with just her full black pantyhose and bra, the college cutie was a knockout. They began to tussle and roll around on the floor for several minutes. Both girls knew the man was having more fun than he had in many years. Finally, Judy got him in a strong grapevine and stretched his legs apart as her body weight pressed on him. He tried to struggle for a while but it was futile with the stronger heavier girl on top of him. She could hear his labored breathing. Thinking the time was right, Judy made the transition to a sgp and sat heavily on the older man’s chest. She pulled her long curly hair behing her ears and placed her hands on her hips and smiled at Lisa “I think I got him now…this is a school girl pin Gerry…can you get me off? ” she teased looking down at him. He looked up at the smiling girl and had a great view of her tits hanging above him. Gerry did feel quite helpless and the girl felt heavy sitting on his ribcage. For the next three minutes, Judy enjoyed sitting on him while teasing and tickling the pinned man. Finally, the older man tried to buck and move his legs back to kick the college girl off. She pretended it worked and slid up a little more until her ass was sitting high on his chest almost on his neck. Her powerful thighs trapped his head like a vise as the damp and scented crotch of her pantyhose pressed against his nose.Judy sat on him this way for over two minutes until he tapped out because of trouble breathing. The sexy brunette stood over the man heaving for breath and pressed her nylon clad foot on his chest in a victory pose.”His heart is beating so hard I can feel it under my foot” she giggled to Lisa.

After recovering for a good five minutes, Gerry seemed tired and looked pale but had a smile and agreed to wrestle Lisa too as she teased him not to leave until they wrestled.The buxom blue eyed blond slipped out of her blue jeans, top, shoes and socks revealing her sexy blue thong. With a sassy smile she said “I thought you would like my wrestling attire and I don’t mind going topless!” Gerry certainly did as Lisa was a very pretty girl with a bubbly personality. They began to playfully roughhouse around the livingroom when the big blond began to tickle him silly on the sofa. Before long she had the older man on his back on the floor. Instead of a grapevine, Lisa moved further up on him and buried his face between her busty boobs while easily keeping him pinned with her bodyweight. After a few minutes of this she changed position and sat full weight on his stomach while resting her feet on his face. “I want you to smell my feet and kiss them too or I’ll keep sitting like this” Lisa said with a giggling smirk.

Poor Gerry did the best he could as her shapely ass pressed his stomach flat. Next, Lisa switched to a sgp and sat her sexy ass on his chest. She bounced on it a couple times to knock more wind out of him than just sat their for a while contented as Gerry grunted and “mmfff” under her heavy weight. Like her friend, Lisa moved up to sit nearly on his neck to bury his nose deep into the moist crotch of her panty for a couple of minutes until he was nearly breathless and tapped out. Lisa was turned on by this play and moved back and sat on his chest. The big girl could feel his heart pounding like crazy under her ass as her weight sat over it. Lisa sat on him for another five minutes knowing her weight was making it really hard for Gerry to catch his breath. Being naturally dominant she really enjoyed sitting on the thin man’s chest. However, Lisa really liked Gerry and would not do this unless she felt he was submissive and liked it at some level which he did! Finally, she climbed off the older man and stoo d above him. Like her friend, Lisa placed her foot on his chest for a victory pose. Being just a little devilish, the big blond trampled his now sore chest. She stood on him like a bathroom scale, hands on hips until he agreed to give her a 20 minute foot massage. Needless to say, all had a fun evening!

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4th Date

In the opposite corners of the dimly lit room, Jana and Tom sized each other up. The floor was covered with a large gym mat Jana had from when she practiced gymnastics. They had just enjoyed their fourth date together (at the pool) and things were going great. After a few long, enjoyable hours of talking in the hot tub, things became a bit playful. One thing led to another, and much to Tom’s delight, he was invited over to her place for a wrestling match.

At first, Tom was a bit disappointed; he thought for sure an invitation to her house meant he would be getting into her pants. But as he looked at those curvy gymnast legs, he figured it wouldn’t be so bad either way. It was actually their first “alone time” together as well. Tom could hardly contain himself, and he trembled as he examined Jana. She had fair skin with dark blonde hair that came to her shoulders. She was still wearing the white bikini she had worn to the pool.

She would have been skinny, but the muscles she built for gymnastics gave her legs and torso a killer curvy figure. Her breasts were a moderate size, but held their shape rather nicely as they pressed against her bikini top. Tom wore only a pair of blue shorts he swam in. He had a slight build from playing sports frequently, but wasn’t a bodybuilder. For a girl who invited a guy over to wrestle, she now looked somewhat shy and timid. Jana spoke first,”You ready for me to take you down?” She giggled and glanced at the floor. Tom replied, “Ok.” She laughed. “Smooth”, Tom thought “Real smooth”.

They met hands at the center of the ring. Each of them moved slowly, studying the other’s body more than wrestling. Tom put his leg behind hers in an attempt to trip her backwards. However, he hardly put any force into the move and Jana easily kept her balance. She hopped and wrapped her arm around Tom’s head. He struggled lightly against the headlock as she pulled them both to the floor. She laughed as she watched him grimace. Tom managed to pull her arms away and he jumped across her back. Her skin felt warm and soft beneath his stomach as she squirmed under him. He decided to lie across her back for a while. But suddenly, she flipped herself over beneath him. She quickly grabbed one of his arms and her legs snapped shut on the other. She had gotten him into a cross-body pin. Tom was not only surprised by her quickness, but also by the strength of her hold. She desperately hugged one of his arms across her chest as her legs wrapped tightly around his other. Because he was lying on his stomach, he got upon his knees and easily slipped his arms out from her arms, but the hold her legs had on his other arm was too firm. He jumped onto her chest, with his arm still trapped and slid his rear onto her face. She laughed hard and squirmed, turning her face away, yet realizing the situation she was in. Her grip released on his arm allowing him to grab both her legs and lay on her body. He tried to wrap his legs around her head, but her arms were there to protect against the reverse head scissors. Tom’s head was right on her groin and he couldn’t help but enjoy the sight and sensation of her tightly fitted bikini rubbing against his face. Her face turned red and she laughed and pleaded, “Ok, ok. I give up.”

Tom quickly released his hold and they both got up laughing. He noticed her top getting a little loose and mentioned it to her. She looked down at her breasts, almost hanging out and back at him. She smiled and untied the stings behind her back. Tom was awe struck. Jana seemed to blush even more as she saw him staring, but insisted they continue the match. “You got lucky. I’m serious this time she said.”

They started in the corners again. This time Jana started out fast and came running up to Tom and jumped on him. Wrapping her legs around his waist, they both fell to the floor while his arms were pinned beneath her legs. As he slipped his hands free, he felt a jolt of pain run through his body. He winced at the pressure. He realized Jana was applying serious force. He desperately tried to pry her legs off, but they were far too powerful. “What’s wrong?” she playfully teased. He didn’t respond, in fact he found it hard to breathe. She continued her assault as he moaned in pain. For one brief second, the pain subsided and the pressure released. Tom looked up at her. Her satisfied expression met his gaze. “Aww, can’t beat a girl?” she teased again as she pouted her lips. Again the pressure began mounting as he tried hurriedly to pry himself free. He didn’t know what to do when suddenly, Jana arched her back. From his position it was a beautiful sight. He could see her taught, stretched torso accentuated by two perfectly shaped breasts jiggling at the slightest movement. They looked bigger than they usually did, and they were both beautifully pointed. His gaze became zombie-like, but reality started to set in. Air would not fill his lungs, and the pain was unbearable. Tom tapped hard against the mats. As soon as she released, he coughed and gasped for air. She giggled as she got up to her feet. It took a few seconds for Tom to regain his senses, but he was as excited as ever. He could tell she was excited too. When he caught his breath he mumbled quietly, “Oh my god, you’re amazing.” She laughed. She was already waiting for another round, with her hands on her hips. “You done that quickly, huh?” she mocked as she chuckled again. He didn’t say a word and got to his feet.

They started in the corners again and locked hands in the center. Tom managed to slip behind her and tie her hands behind her back. He used one arm to wrap around her neck and tripped her over his leg. She fell backwards and tried to roll away, but Tom jumped on her back. As he sat on her back, he locked her arms behind her back again and wrapped his legs around her waist as they fell on their sides. He was completely in control. Tom thought to himself that she might be giving in to her natural “desires”. Feeling confident he rolled to his back with her on top of him. He let go of her arms but hugged her neck tightly while his legs squeezed her waist. She struggled and grunted as he clamped her torso. Tom enjoyed her silky smooth skin writhing against his body, and her soft hair lying across his face. He laughed as she squirmed, completely under his control. Her grunts turned to cries, and her movements became more forceful and jolting.

All of a sudden, as Tom was memorized by the gentle rhythm of her body moving against his, Jana made her move. Using her legs, she slid herself up. Tom lost the grip on the headlock and suddenly Jana’s back was on his face. Before he could push her away, she quickly flipped herself over. Her arms slickly wrapped around the back of Tom’s neck and Jana’s firm, pointy bare breasts mashed against his face. While Tom was occupied with dealing with her breasts, she wrapped her legs around his, placing him in a grapevine pin. He didn’t even realize his legs were being tied up. All he was concerned with was the soft, round, milky breasts depriving him of air. Tom couldn’t decide whether to struggle and break free, or stay and enjoy the blissful situation. The ache in his legs shot pain up his sides, but her legs were so smooth, so strong. He could feel her every movement, every laugh and giggle, resonate against his own. Her warmth was satisfying and unbearably exciting.

After a minute of muffled struggles, Jana noticed his inactivity. She could tell he was enjoying it, and she was too. Her expression went from playful to serious and lustful. She lightened the grip of her legs and slid down so her crotch was directly on his. She lifted her chest to see Tom’s face as she smiled and teased,”I think I won.” He was speechless from lack of air and the feeling of her groin pressed firmly, purposely, against his. She bit her bottom lip gently as she smothered his face again. She began rocking her waist back and forth against his crotch. He couldn’t contain himself, he moaned and gasped for air as a sensation built in his groin. She continued to sway and grind against him, arching her back to apply more pressure. Tom’s hands settled on her rocking hips as her body loosened. She started to breathe deeper and deeper, gasping sometimes while wincing in pleasure. Everything felt dreamlike for Tom, and his body started to sway with hers. Her stomach rolled like water against his, and would sometimes jolt as if she had sneezed. The sensation Tom felt increased and increased, but he realized he desperately needed air. Abruptly, the quiet room echoed with sounds of Tom slapping the ground, tapping out.

Jana rolled off quickly, so quickly that Tom worried she was offended. He gasped for air like a fish out of water, face red and sweaty. He rested silently for a moment while the sensation dissipated and the warmth subsided. When he brought himself up, he saw Jana, red faced and sweaty, with her bikini top back on. “Well, I win. I guess…” she said. She smiled, but Tom didn’t feel it was authentic. As he left the front door of her house, they said goodbye. They met with only a kiss on the cheek. As he walked to his car he heard Jana say, “Maybe we can have a re-match.” Tom replied, “I won’t let you win the next time.” She smiled as he drove off. He liked her smile.

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The Confession : Wrestled by Girlfriend

I’m 5’9″ and 140lbs, which is just a shade taller and heavier than my ex-girlfriend Jen, who was (and is) in excellent physical condition. She had a washboard stomach, lean arms, and full, perfectly formed breasts. She also had the sexiest, skinny little legs that stretched right up to her plump, perky tail. So aside from being nearly my size, she was probably in better shape than me, and her looks were a huge distraction, too.

I always let her win when we wrestled, but I assumed that we both took it for granted that I would beat her if we ever had a real fight. I could prevent the sexual distraction if I had to, at least enough so it wouldn’t be a factor, and seriously, I’m a boy and she’s a girl and that’s really all there is to it. Sure she was tall and in good shape, but it wasn’t like she was an athlete or a karate master. She was just a cute, fit girl.

I was surprised to discover that she knew I’d been letting her win, and she thought that she could beat me anyway, no matter how hard I tried. She told me that I was in denial, and that I let her win to avoid facing the fact that I would lose to her anyway no matter what I did.

I thought she was arrogant and naive, and that it was dangerous for her to think this way. It was time to put her back in her place. I scooped her up by the back of her knees to cradle her as I brought her to the floor, but she arched her back and knocked me to my back. She quickly had her body stretched across mine with her chest in my face, which was distracting to say the least. I struggled back to avoid being pinned, but she grabbed my wrists and moved with me until my back was against the wall. She straddled me with her thighs and held my arms pinned at my sides by the wrists. In about 10 seconds she had me totally helpless.

I’m not a wimp, I’ve fought guys before and won, and I’ve always respected women and even fantasized about being dominated by them. But being beaten up for real was humiliating beyond belief. Maybe in a fist fight if I could’ve gotten free, or if I had been more prepared and hadn’t underestimated her, or if I could’ve somehow prevented my instinctive sexual arousal from distracting me, but really, this is all a bunch of lame excuses. On this particular night, I tried my hardest to win against a fit, cute girl, and I got my ass kicked so fast it was like a joke. She pinned me and stared down into my eyes until I admitted I was helpless, and that I had lost. She didn’t hurt me, but from that position, if she had wanted to, she could have really beaten the crap out of me. And this is just a slim, cute, mildly fit girl. What would happen with a girl who was a real jock, or my size or bigger? Then entire thing stung. I got beaten up by my exgirlfreind for real, and there was nothing I could do about it. And chances were, most fit girls around my size could also kick my ass. From now on, I’ll stick to fake wrestling, and “letting” the girl win.

There’s my embarassing confession.

by Harold Stonicifer

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Ina VS Jackpin Mixed Wrestling Story

Ina is one of the best Competitive Women Wrestlers I know, born in Pusan Korea and raised here in the US. Few know her, but those who do know about her skill and power can attest to the fact that once on the Mat she is very dangerous.

The following is how I met and learned to Wrestle by this woman. I had transfer to a State University in Texas and was in my Junior year. During one weekend while I was checking out the gym, I came across the wrestling room. Inside was a Oriental girl who was about 5’6” 130 and 24 years old. she had Black shoulder length hair and was a model once in a while for local stores to pay for college She told me later that it was difficult to get dates because men would not go near her, it was because she was so beautiful. She was wearing a one piece black leotard and black and white small top wrestling shoes. I said hello and she did the same, I started to make small talk telling her I was new and just looking around. She told me she was waiting for her sister who was late. I asked why in the wrestling room , she said “Because I wrestle silly”. I laughed feeling quite stupid and yet very interested. She said her sister was always late, and she asked if I wrestled? I looked away and said yes. I was so excited and the thought of me controlling her on the mat was to good to be true. You see like many males my ego at the time was as high as the moon, and I thought that she had no chance against this American Male. She said Great lets go! I said you mean PIN? she said oh no…better, Submission!. she explained the rules of submission and how you may give but only by 3 taps or say I give.

I took off my shirt and my shoes and socks she took off her shoes also to make it fair. To this day I only wrestle in bare feet. Her Body was not muscular like a body builder but firm and tight. she put her hair up, and she said Ready? I started to smile but then her smile turned to this very determined look, I reached out for her arms and she locked me up and placed me in a front standing face lock. Her left arm was around my neck and she applied very strong pressure which was a choking, which started my ears to burn and felt like my head was going to pop. She then reached down and grabbed my shorts on the left side and in one quick move I found myself, this over 6 foot man being picked up and thrown over and landing on my back hard on the mat. She then did a cross body pin and grabbed my left leg and hooking it with her right arm lifted it up and bent it toward my head which caused the splits from hell, I yelled “NO”!! Using her right leg and foot moved my right leg out away from my body, by hooking my leg, which also was the second part of my splits from Hell!! I yelled NO!!, please NO!!, and she whispered in my right ear…”Tap 3 times or say I Give”… I yelled and tapped at the same time, she let go and rolled off. I just laid there on the mat both of my legs in great pain from the stretch. After I recovered somewhat I sat up and looked at her standing in her corner of the mat, ready. I knew I was not. Just then her sister walked in and Ina began speaking in Korean and I can tell you it was not nice.

She introduced me to her sister who was about the same height and weight. She wore a two piece workout suit. I could tell her sister was not happy I was there, so I said I would be going and thanked her for the lesson. Ina asked me for my number but did not give me hers, I left walking very slowly and still in pain and my Ego was as bruised as it ever had been. I had just lost to a shorter Korean chick….I could not get over it.

Ina called a few days later, and we met again in the wrestling room, this time she was wearing her sister black two piece workout suit. I walked slowly up to her and she smiled at me and was glad to see me. I felt like crawling under the mat for some of the things I had thought about doing to her, but that smile made some of the hurt go away. She asked me if I would like her to train me? Now this was 1982 and mixed wrestling was so far back in the closet that you couldn’t find it. I said are you kidding you train me? …LOL!! She then said Sure if your good enough, I said you mean man enough?, she said no its not the sex of a wrestler its the skill, and competitiveness and the joy of just wrestling. MY GOD!!! I wanted to marry her right then and there. So it began and in the coming months we started training and she showed me all the holds she knew and I loss again and again and again. Its was so bad, just when I thought I was going to take her she would just move to a different position and she was free.

We also started dating and we shared many things in those months, and we would sit around and read wrestling magazines, watch FAKE videos and goof on them which to this day I do, and I hate fake videos. I was always surprised at how honest and open she was about wrestling to not only her family, friends but also strangers, which I admit to not saying a word to anyone for months. One thing that was very important was that while on the mat we were all business, we did have an intimate relationship off the mat, and we kept it that way….. OFF the mat.

One day after about 6 months of training, she was late and I was worried, then she arrived with another girl a Texas Blond who was my size and very rugged looking, her name was Tina she was 6’1 190 and strong. Ina introduced us and she turned to me and said this is your graduation present. I looked at Tina who took off her warm up suit down to a Black Bikini. Tina was tan all over and her hair was down to the small of her back. Tina was a local mud and oil wrestler and friend of Ian’s who I found out later was paying this girl to wrestle me.

Ina could tell I was nervous and she said, she is tough and strong, but your good, I taught you and now your going to make me proud. She then smiled and kissed me on my tight lips. By then my Male Ego had long since retired, so all I could rely on was my taught skills.

We started and to this day I am still a slow starter, and she simply walked up and placed me in a headlock, I just stood there and let her. I could hear Ina say..just don’t stand there do something!! I finally snapped out of it but at that second I was hipped tossed to the mat. She then went for a scissors around my head but I was able to get my arm between her legs to block, just as Ina had taught. I broke out of the hold and we started again, this time I grabbed her first and snapped mare her to the mat to the sitting position, where I placed a sitting full nelson on her, and a scissors…it felt so good to be in control for once..these mats had only witnessed me on the defensive. I then Squeezed her has hard as I could and broke my full nelson and turned it into a choke hold. She patted my legs 3 times. I jumped up and didn’t know what to do..I just stood there realizing I had just won ran over to Ina and gave her a big hug…and she said not while your on the mats babes….I laugh, I went on to win 5 to 1, only to lose when she got me in a chinlock and I submitted one.

After Ina and I went out for dinner, then home to my place to recount the match over and over. We continued to wrestle for the next year, but in the spring of 84 she transfer to med school back east. We talk from time to time, she is married to a Korean guy as per family wishes, and is retired because of husbands wishes.

Since then I have wrestled many women, some stronger than her, but none more who has the genuine love of wrestling and the pure sense of competition in Mixed wrestling.

Ina never made it seem wrong or perverted, she enjoyed the win or the lost and taught me that just having the chance to wrestle be it a man or woman, should be something enjoyed.

Each time I wrestle I hear her voice in my corner telling me what to do and what a dope I am for the hold my opponent has on me, but the thing I hear the most is she saying: HAVE FUN, DO YOUR BEST, MAKE IT SAFE, and yes that was a girl that just beat you…LOL!!!

Ina still follows my career in wrestling and I talked to her just yesterday, she is fine and so is her family she told me to tell you all to be good to each other and keep bringing wrestling what ever style to the forefront.

Thanks Jackpin 🙂

courtesy of Jackpin

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