Catfight Schoolgirl Pin – Alexis Takes a Beating

Catfight Schoolgirl Pin – Alexis Takes a Beating

Alexis is a super sexy milf model. A few years ago, her agent found a gig doing a private catfight. Being athletic and having been in a few catfights before, Alexis took the gig. She did not get any injuries and in fact found it to be kind of fun. Since, she has had more bouts as Gail has come across them for her. Alexis was pretty good at hair pulling and slapping and held her own against women like herself… other models.

On Friday, Gail called her about a fight to take place the next afternoon. One of the opponents cancelled and the organizer desperately needed someone to take the gig. The match was set to take place on his farm and he had 30 guys who bought tickets. The rules were to be a ten minute non stop match with pay for both, win or lose, though the winner gets an additional $250. No face punching, but body punches and face slapping allowed. Gail texted a picture of Marlene, who Alexis would fight. Alexis thought she looked tough and probably outweighed her. But Alexis won her last two matches and figured that if she could keep it standing, she would win. Alexis told Gail, “sure I am in.”

Marlene was nothing like Alexis. She worked on a farm and has always been very strong. Marlene also has had a number of private catfights as well as some real life fights. She was more or a brawler and did not much like fashion model types. Marlene felt that hair pulling and scratching was for movies instead of catfights.

Alexis made the three hour drive and arrived at the farm right on time. She stripped out of her jeans and blouse and into the agreed upon garters and was led out to a crudely made ring behind the barn. It was really an area where the tall grass was cleared and a few blankets were spread out on the ground. It also had some homemade bleachers around it. By the barn, the crowd of spectators, mostly men, stood around drinking beer.

Marlene came out of the barn and the organizer led her over to Alexis. Alexis was immediately struck by how much bigger she appeared in person. They were about the same height, but Marlene was much stockier. Alexis figured she outweighed her by about 50lbs. which was about right. Marlene extended her hand and gave Alexis a hard squeeze. She told her, “this is going to be a lot of fun for me.” Alexis told her, “don’t be too sure of yourself.” Marlene laughed and said, “if you try to pull my hair, I will return the favor.”

The crowd drifted over and took the bleachers, as lots of side bets were being made. Alexis and Marlene took their places in the ring as the rules were read. The organized started the clock and yelled, “fight!”

Marlene and Alexis began to circle around each other looking for an opening.

Marlene looked down at her feet as she moved over the fold of the blanket and Alexis caught her with hard slap to the side of the face. She moved in to grab her, but Marlene caught her with a hard stomach punch. Alexis almost doubled over and let out an “ooph” as she stepped back. Marlene charged her knocking Alexis to the ground. Alexis rolled away and got back to her feet.

This time she charged Marlene and locked up with her. She got her arms around Marlene’s head and tried to use leverage to toss her to the ground, but Marlene was able to spread her legs wide and keep her balance. She then reached up along Alexis’ back and got a hand across her face. She yanked backwards, sending Alexis toward the ground. Marlene also sprawled on top of her landing on her body. Alexis quickly grabbed hold of Marlene’s hair and began to yank. Marlene scowled, “I told you not to do that!” Marlene got a hold of one of Alexis wrists and was trying for the other. Knowing that she had to act fast, Alexis used her free hand to grab around Marlene’s body then used her opposing leg to roll her over onto her back. Alexis stayed in the roll and was on top of Marlene.

But Marlene was too strong and began to sit up. Alexis realized she couldn’t keep her down and quickly got to her feet. Marlene was quickly on her feet too.

Marlene hit Alexis hard on the left side of her face with a big slap, making her ears ring. Alexis swung back at her, but Marlene dodged it. Marlene then nailed Alexis with another big slap connecting with the right side of her face. Alexis stumbled back a little and Marlene followed it with a stomach punch, sending Alexis to the ground. Hoots from the crowd. Instead of jumping on her, Marlene waited for Alexis to get to her feet.

The blonde began to realize she was in trouble here.

Alexis charged at Marlene trying to tackle her, but she side stepped and flung Alexis to the ground. She got up again and grabbed two handfuls of Marlene’s hair. This earned the blonde a big punch to the stomach, which plowed into her lower belly doubling her over. Her hands let go of Marlene’s hair as she covered her stomach and sank to her knees.

Marlene doesn’t usually use hair pulling but figured she’d make an exception this time as she grabbed two handfuls of the blonde’s hair, growling “let’s see how you like it!” Alexis was now at a sitting position as Marlene began to jerk her back and forth. Alexis tried to get to her feet, but Marlene’s had control of her head and shoved Alexis onto her back. Alexis did not want to wind up on the bottom but was powerless to stop it.

Still having two handfuls of hair, Marlene stood over Alexis and crashed her ass onto her belly. Alexis let out an oomph as Marlene’s full weight landed ass first onto her stomach. Marlene let go of her hair and began to grab for her wrists. Alexis bucked up with her hips knocking Marlene sideways. She tried to roll herself away to get up, but Marlene managed to grab one of her wrists and pull herself back on top. She sat down on Alexis stomach again and got a hold of the other wrists. Marlene loves to get an opponent trapped in a solid pin and powered Alexis’ arms to the ground by her head.

Alexis was running out of steam with the heavier woman sitting on her. Alexis has found herself trapped in a schoolgirl pin before and knows how hard it can be to escape. The prior time, it was during a catfight with another fashion model who was the same size. This time she was being sat on by a very strong woman who outweighed her by at least 50 lbs.

Alexis laid still wanting to get her energy back. Marlene looked down at her said, “c’mon miss prissy, lets see you get out of this!”

Alexis waited about another 20 seconds and then tried to buck the bigger lady off her using her hips. When she would raise Marlene’s body up, she’d try to twist in order to throw her off balance. This was using up a lot of Alexis’ remaining energy and Marlene calmly rode her through the bucking and twisting. After a number of futile attempts to escape the pin, Alexis was still. Marlene swept her arms under her knees and adjusted herself to a comfortable sitting position on her stomach. The crowd hooted and hollered. Alexis was no longer thinking about the winner’s bonus and instead, was thinking about how Marlene’s weight felt like being sat on by a big zoo animal.

Alexis was also wondering how much time remained on the clock. There was still plenty.

Alexis looked up at her nemesis and did what is customary. She angrily asserted, “get off me fat bitch!” Marlene laughed and said, “FAT? How do you like this?” and bounced her weight onto Alexis stomach. Alexis was in quite a predicament as the crowd yelled with excitement. The thuds were getting quite painful. Alexis tried to use her knees to hit Marlene in the back but it was having little effect. She laid still and Marlene finally stopped with butt drops.

Wanting to use up the time remaining in the match, Marlene decided to switch tactics and began to slowly and methodically slap Alexis across the face, landing her meaty hands around her eyes. The slaps were having a dizzying effect and Alexis periodically yelled out, “bitch” and “fat cow.” This just made Marlene angrier. She looked down at Alexis and said, “because you are such a hair pulling fan, let me show you how it’s done.”

Marlene grabbed a big chunk of Alexis’s hair with her right hand pulling her head up. Then she focused a series of meaty slaps to Alexis’ eye. The model was totally regretting having had taken this catfight. She tried to use her arms to somehow lift the bigger woman off of her, but it was no use.

Marlene finally stopped with the slaps and let her head fall back onto the ground and placed her hands on her hips. Alexis was just hoping the match time was almost over and decided to not do anything to anger her nemesis who continued sitting on her belly. She knew she was totally out of energy anyway and could not escape the pin even if she had something left.

Marlene looked down at Alexis’ face and said, “give you bitch.” Alexis said, “you won, what in the hell else do you want from me?” Marelene’s weight was really heavy on her stomach and extremely uncomfortable. She wanted her to get up but did not want to admit having had lost, even if it meant being flattened some more. Marlene laughed and said, “I could go back to slapping you or rip out some more of your hair.”

Just then, the referee rang the ten minute bell and time was yelled. Alexis was totally relieved as Marlene slowly got up off her. Literally a weight was lifted off her and she slowly got to her feet.

Alexis was totally spent after the drubbing she took having little energy. She put on her blouse and pants, struggling a bit to buckle her belt and get her boots back on.

The two combatants were led back to the center of the ring and the referee lifted Marlene’s arm in victory. Some of the crowd came up and congratulated the two on putting on a fantastic catfight. Alexis could feel some swelling around her eyes and was already starting to ache all over. She smiled and just wanted to get back to her car and get out of there. That is exactly what she did.

The next day, some of her twitter fans were asking how the match went. Alexis took a selfie while she was out shopping and posted it. Her face pretty much told the story. One of her fans asked if she plans to do any more catfights. Alexis thought about that on her way home. She knew she had no interest in being outmatched like that again and definitely would not do a rematch against Marlene. But against another model? Mmmmmm.

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