The Art of Reina Canalla

The Art of Reina Canalla

Reina is an exceptional and highly talented erotic artist from Barcelona. She began painting and drawing at the age of 16 and went on to study at Carme Muset Art Academy. She has plenty of published works under her belt which includes a comic book series, “Anne-Marie” which tells the sexy adventure stories of heroines in buccaneer times.

Her works celebrate “warrior women.” Reina says, “ fighting woman has a special appeal, powerful magic, you know. She’s like an electric summer storm, unexpected, brutal. She’ll give her all to win because the fever of the fight has possessed her and her primal instincts take over. Now imagine two of these women fighting against each other. That’s more than sexy!” Clearly the sexiness and tension is something she feels.

Her catfighting illustrations are particularly compelling. Growing up, Reina has had many catfights with her sister which involved hair pulling, wrestling, scratching and hurling objects. She herself is featured in some of her catfight illustrations.

The sexiness and allure of her work is distinctive. Reina does not involve gore in her fight scenes and she doesn’t need to. Her art tells the story and captures the tension of two women engaged in a heated fight where there is a triumphant winner and defeated looser.

Reina is often commissioned for illustration and is always available to for more. She can be found at or via email at Reina can certainly bring your vision to life!

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