Older Gentleman School Girl Pinned

Older Gentleman School Girl Pinned

Lisa and Judy shared an apartment next door to a very nice man. They where both attending the local college about a mile away. The man, Jerry was always very courteous to them. He was a good looking man of 65 years of age and was quite wealthy. Both girls liked him and picked up on his subtle flirting. One day Jery made the comment in conversation about sports that he enjoyed watching college girls wrestle.

Both girls where athletic as Lisa (20 yo, 5’10”, 170 lbs) played on the soccer team as did Judy (21 yo, 5’8″, 155 lbs) and both worked out at the gym three times a week. They decided to give their next door friend a show. The girls invited him in for some tea and conversation when the topic changed to wrestling. Lisa asked Gerry if he wanted to watch them wrestle on the living room floor. To their surprise, the older guy said sure but it would be even more fun if he wrestled with them! Both girls didn’t expect this response but after some teasing decided to go along with it.

Gerry just took off his shoes.He had on casual pants and a knit shirt. The man was quite thin and about 5’8″ in height. “I want to wrestle him first” said the busty brunette Judy. She winked at Lisa as she slipped out of her casual dress and shoes. Standing before the man with just her full black pantyhose and bra, the college cutie was a knockout. They began to tussle and roll around on the floor for several minutes. Both girls knew the man was having more fun than he had in many years. Finally, Judy got him in a strong grapevine and stretched his legs apart as her body weight pressed on him. He tried to struggle for a while but it was futile with the stronger heavier girl on top of him. She could hear his labored breathing. Thinking the time was right, Judy made the transition to a sgp and sat heavily on the older man’s chest. She pulled her long curly hair behing her ears and placed her hands on her hips and smiled at Lisa “I think I got him now…this is a school girl pin Gerry…can you get me off? ” she teased looking down at him. He looked up at the smiling girl and had a great view of her tits hanging above him. Gerry did feel quite helpless and the girl felt heavy sitting on his ribcage. For the next three minutes, Judy enjoyed sitting on him while teasing and tickling the pinned man. Finally, the older man tried to buck and move his legs back to kick the college girl off. She pretended it worked and slid up a little more until her ass was sitting high on his chest almost on his neck. Her powerful thighs trapped his head like a vise as the damp and scented crotch of her pantyhose pressed against his nose.Judy sat on him this way for over two minutes until he tapped out because of trouble breathing. The sexy brunette stood over the man heaving for breath and pressed her nylon clad foot on his chest in a victory pose.”His heart is beating so hard I can feel it under my foot” she giggled to Lisa.

After recovering for a good five minutes, Gerry seemed tired and looked pale but had a smile and agreed to wrestle Lisa too as she teased him not to leave until they wrestled.The buxom blue eyed blond slipped out of her blue jeans, top, shoes and socks revealing her sexy blue thong. With a sassy smile she said “I thought you would like my wrestling attire and I don’t mind going topless!” Gerry certainly did as Lisa was a very pretty girl with a bubbly personality. They began to playfully roughhouse around the livingroom when the big blond began to tickle him silly on the sofa. Before long she had the older man on his back on the floor. Instead of a grapevine, Lisa moved further up on him and buried his face between her busty boobs while easily keeping him pinned with her bodyweight. After a few minutes of this she changed position and sat full weight on his stomach while resting her feet on his face. “I want you to smell my feet and kiss them too or I’ll keep sitting like this” Lisa said with a giggling smirk.

Poor Gerry did the best he could as her shapely ass pressed his stomach flat. Next, Lisa switched to a sgp and sat her sexy ass on his chest. She bounced on it a couple times to knock more wind out of him than just sat their for a while contented as Gerry grunted and “mmfff” under her heavy weight. Like her friend, Lisa moved up to sit nearly on his neck to bury his nose deep into the moist crotch of her panty for a couple of minutes until he was nearly breathless and tapped out. Lisa was turned on by this play and moved back and sat on his chest. The big girl could feel his heart pounding like crazy under her ass as her weight sat over it. Lisa sat on him for another five minutes knowing her weight was making it really hard for Gerry to catch his breath. Being naturally dominant she really enjoyed sitting on the thin man’s chest. However, Lisa really liked Gerry and would not do this unless she felt he was submissive and liked it at some level which he did! Finally, she climbed off the older man and stoo d above him. Like her friend, Lisa placed her foot on his chest for a victory pose. Being just a little devilish, the big blond trampled his now sore chest. She stood on him like a bathroom scale, hands on hips until he agreed to give her a 20 minute foot massage. Needless to say, all had a fun evening!

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  • Kinkster says:

    Love it! When I was 21, I met a girl 17 as she became my girlfriend. Once night on the phone we were teasing about who is tougher. Her response was…Ill pin your ass to the ground any day. I then dropped the challenge. I said, ok, Ill wrestle ya, but you gotta wear a thong. She instantly agreed. Then, I pushed the bet, stating, to win, you gotta pin me down and facesit me until I give up. Ironically, she took the deal. Moving ahead, a couple nights later we went to a motel to play. She brought it up saying…I thought we were gonna fight. I said,,,did you bring your Thong? She smiled and went into the bathroom, coming out a couple minutes later with a totally hot purple thong and matching bra. I was rock hard! We put a blanket on the floor and were on our knees facing each other. This girl was italian. Long brown hair and an ass to die for. Amazing! We lunged at each other and she was able to get behind me. She had her arm around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. On the ground struggling, she was able to roll us over until she was on top. She pushed my arms to the floor, put her knees on my arms and slid up, sitting on my neck. I was so turned on it was like Heaven. Sitting on my neck, she asked if I give. Naturally i said no. Her response was a small cute giggle. With that she slid forward and sat her crotch right on my nose! OMG it was hot. Again, as I struggled, she asked if I give. I said no in a muffled tone. With that, she slid up more, sitting her ass directly on my nose. Arms pinned and face smothered, I layed there in lust and in amazement that a girl 4 yrs younger could beat me like this. It was a major turn on and embarassing at the same time. Moving ahead, I continued to not give in. he got off of me, spun around and quickly sat on my face again, this time facing my feet. My nose was deep between her ass cheeks. I could smell her scent. A mild perspiration scent with a bit of a musky smell. After a few minutes, I gave up! She got off me smiling and giggling. Naturally the match turned into a heavy night of sex. I bump into her on occasion still but she married now with a good husband and a lovely daughter. Even now I would still take her on if she challenged me!!!

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