The Confession : Wrestled by Girlfriend

The Confession : Wrestled by Girlfriend

I’m 5’9″ and 140lbs, which is just a shade taller and heavier than my ex-girlfriend Jen, who was (and is) in excellent physical condition. She had a washboard stomach, lean arms, and full, perfectly formed breasts. She also had the sexiest, skinny little legs that stretched right up to her plump, perky tail. So aside from being nearly my size, she was probably in better shape than me, and her looks were a huge distraction, too.

I always let her win when we wrestled, but I assumed that we both took it for granted that I would beat her if we ever had a real fight. I could prevent the sexual distraction if I had to, at least enough so it wouldn’t be a factor, and seriously, I’m a boy and she’s a girl and that’s really all there is to it. Sure she was tall and in good shape, but it wasn’t like she was an athlete or a karate master. She was just a cute, fit girl.

I was surprised to discover that she knew I’d been letting her win, and she thought that she could beat me anyway, no matter how hard I tried. She told me that I was in denial, and that I let her win to avoid facing the fact that I would lose to her anyway no matter what I did.

I thought she was arrogant and naive, and that it was dangerous for her to think this way. It was time to put her back in her place. I scooped her up by the back of her knees to cradle her as I brought her to the floor, but she arched her back and knocked me to my back. She quickly had her body stretched across mine with her chest in my face, which was distracting to say the least. I struggled back to avoid being pinned, but she grabbed my wrists and moved with me until my back was against the wall. She straddled me with her thighs and held my arms pinned at my sides by the wrists. In about 10 seconds she had me totally helpless.

I’m not a wimp, I’ve fought guys before and won, and I’ve always respected women and even fantasized about being dominated by them. But being beaten up for real was humiliating beyond belief. Maybe in a fist fight if I could’ve gotten free, or if I had been more prepared and hadn’t underestimated her, or if I could’ve somehow prevented my instinctive sexual arousal from distracting me, but really, this is all a bunch of lame excuses. On this particular night, I tried my hardest to win against a fit, cute girl, and I got my ass kicked so fast it was like a joke. She pinned me and stared down into my eyes until I admitted I was helpless, and that I had lost. She didn’t hurt me, but from that position, if she had wanted to, she could have really beaten the crap out of me. And this is just a slim, cute, mildly fit girl. What would happen with a girl who was a real jock, or my size or bigger? Then entire thing stung. I got beaten up by my exgirlfreind for real, and there was nothing I could do about it. And chances were, most fit girls around my size could also kick my ass. From now on, I’ll stick to fake wrestling, and “letting” the girl win.

There’s my embarassing confession.

by Harold Stonicifer

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