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Catfight Schoolgirl Pin – Alexis Takes a Beating

Alexis is a super sexy milf model. A few years ago, her agent found a gig doing a private catfight. Being athletic and having been in a few catfights before, Alexis took the gig. She did not get any injuries and in fact found it to be kind of fun. Since, she has had more bouts as Gail has come across them for her. Alexis was pretty good at hair pulling and slapping and held her own against women like herself… other models.

On Friday, Gail called her about a fight to take place the next afternoon. One of the opponents cancelled and the organizer desperately needed someone to take the gig. The match was set to take place on his farm and he had 30 guys who bought tickets. The rules were to be a ten minute non stop match with pay for both, win or lose, though the winner gets an additional $250. No face punching, but body punches and face slapping allowed. Gail texted a picture of Marlene, who Alexis would fight. Alexis thought she looked tough and probably outweighed her. But Alexis won her last two matches and figured that if she could keep it standing, she would win. Alexis told Gail, “sure I am in.”

Marlene was nothing like Alexis. She worked on a farm and has always been very strong. Marlene also has had a number of private catfights as well as some real life fights. She was more or a brawler and did not much like fashion model types. Marlene felt that hair pulling and scratching was for movies instead of catfights.

Alexis made the three hour drive and arrived at the farm right on time. She stripped out of her jeans and blouse and into the agreed upon garters and was led out to a crudely made ring behind the barn. It was really an area where the tall grass was cleared and a few blankets were spread out on the ground. It also had some homemade bleachers around it. By the barn, the crowd of spectators, mostly men, stood around drinking beer.

Marlene came out of the barn and the organizer led her over to Alexis. Alexis was immediately struck by how much bigger she appeared in person. They were about the same height, but Marlene was much stockier. Alexis figured she outweighed her by about 50lbs. which was about right. Marlene extended her hand and gave Alexis a hard squeeze. She told her, “this is going to be a lot of fun for me.” Alexis told her, “don’t be too sure of yourself.” Marlene laughed and said, “if you try to pull my hair, I will return the favor.”

The crowd drifted over and took the bleachers, as lots of side bets were being made. Alexis and Marlene took their places in the ring as the rules were read. The organized started the clock and yelled, “fight!”

Marlene and Alexis began to circle around each other looking for an opening.

Marlene looked down at her feet as she moved over the fold of the blanket and Alexis caught her with hard slap to the side of the face. She moved in to grab her, but Marlene caught her with a hard stomach punch. Alexis almost doubled over and let out an “ooph” as she stepped back. Marlene charged her knocking Alexis to the ground. Alexis rolled away and got back to her feet.

This time she charged Marlene and locked up with her. She got her arms around Marlene’s head and tried to use leverage to toss her to the ground, but Marlene was able to spread her legs wide and keep her balance. She then reached up along Alexis’ back and got a hand across her face. She yanked backwards, sending Alexis toward the ground. Marlene also sprawled on top of her landing on her body. Alexis quickly grabbed hold of Marlene’s hair and began to yank. Marlene scowled, “I told you not to do that!” Marlene got a hold of one of Alexis wrists and was trying for the other. Knowing that she had to act fast, Alexis used her free hand to grab around Marlene’s body then used her opposing leg to roll her over onto her back. Alexis stayed in the roll and was on top of Marlene.

But Marlene was too strong and began to sit up. Alexis realized she couldn’t keep her down and quickly got to her feet. Marlene was quickly on her feet too.

Marlene hit Alexis hard on the left side of her face with a big slap, making her ears ring. Alexis swung back at her, but Marlene dodged it. Marlene then nailed Alexis with another big slap connecting with the right side of her face. Alexis stumbled back a little and Marlene followed it with a stomach punch, sending Alexis to the ground. Hoots from the crowd. Instead of jumping on her, Marlene waited for Alexis to get to her feet.

The blonde began to realize she was in trouble here.

Alexis charged at Marlene trying to tackle her, but she side stepped and flung Alexis to the ground. She got up again and grabbed two handfuls of Marlene’s hair. This earned the blonde a big punch to the stomach, which plowed into her lower belly doubling her over. Her hands let go of Marlene’s hair as she covered her stomach and sank to her knees.

Marlene doesn’t usually use hair pulling but figured she’d make an exception this time as she grabbed two handfuls of the blonde’s hair, growling “let’s see how you like it!” Alexis was now at a sitting position as Marlene began to jerk her back and forth. Alexis tried to get to her feet, but Marlene’s had control of her head and shoved Alexis onto her back. Alexis did not want to wind up on the bottom but was powerless to stop it.

Still having two handfuls of hair, Marlene stood over Alexis and crashed her ass onto her belly. Alexis let out an oomph as Marlene’s full weight landed ass first onto her stomach. Marlene let go of her hair and began to grab for her wrists. Alexis bucked up with her hips knocking Marlene sideways. She tried to roll herself away to get up, but Marlene managed to grab one of her wrists and pull herself back on top. She sat down on Alexis stomach again and got a hold of the other wrists. Marlene loves to get an opponent trapped in a solid pin and powered Alexis’ arms to the ground by her head.

Alexis was running out of steam with the heavier woman sitting on her. Alexis has found herself trapped in a schoolgirl pin before and knows how hard it can be to escape. The prior time, it was during a catfight with another fashion model who was the same size. This time she was being sat on by a very strong woman who outweighed her by at least 50 lbs.

Alexis laid still wanting to get her energy back. Marlene looked down at her said, “c’mon miss prissy, lets see you get out of this!”

Alexis waited about another 20 seconds and then tried to buck the bigger lady off her using her hips. When she would raise Marlene’s body up, she’d try to twist in order to throw her off balance. This was using up a lot of Alexis’ remaining energy and Marlene calmly rode her through the bucking and twisting. After a number of futile attempts to escape the pin, Alexis was still. Marlene swept her arms under her knees and adjusted herself to a comfortable sitting position on her stomach. The crowd hooted and hollered. Alexis was no longer thinking about the winner’s bonus and instead, was thinking about how Marlene’s weight felt like being sat on by a big zoo animal.

Alexis was also wondering how much time remained on the clock. There was still plenty.

Alexis looked up at her nemesis and did what is customary. She angrily asserted, “get off me fat bitch!” Marlene laughed and said, “FAT? How do you like this?” and bounced her weight onto Alexis stomach. Alexis was in quite a predicament as the crowd yelled with excitement. The thuds were getting quite painful. Alexis tried to use her knees to hit Marlene in the back but it was having little effect. She laid still and Marlene finally stopped with butt drops.

Wanting to use up the time remaining in the match, Marlene decided to switch tactics and began to slowly and methodically slap Alexis across the face, landing her meaty hands around her eyes. The slaps were having a dizzying effect and Alexis periodically yelled out, “bitch” and “fat cow.” This just made Marlene angrier. She looked down at Alexis and said, “because you are such a hair pulling fan, let me show you how it’s done.”

Marlene grabbed a big chunk of Alexis’s hair with her right hand pulling her head up. Then she focused a series of meaty slaps to Alexis’ eye. The model was totally regretting having had taken this catfight. She tried to use her arms to somehow lift the bigger woman off of her, but it was no use.

Marlene finally stopped with the slaps and let her head fall back onto the ground and placed her hands on her hips. Alexis was just hoping the match time was almost over and decided to not do anything to anger her nemesis who continued sitting on her belly. She knew she was totally out of energy anyway and could not escape the pin even if she had something left.

Marlene looked down at Alexis’ face and said, “give you bitch.” Alexis said, “you won, what in the hell else do you want from me?” Marelene’s weight was really heavy on her stomach and extremely uncomfortable. She wanted her to get up but did not want to admit having had lost, even if it meant being flattened some more. Marlene laughed and said, “I could go back to slapping you or rip out some more of your hair.”

Just then, the referee rang the ten minute bell and time was yelled. Alexis was totally relieved as Marlene slowly got up off her. Literally a weight was lifted off her and she slowly got to her feet.

Alexis was totally spent after the drubbing she took having little energy. She put on her blouse and pants, struggling a bit to buckle her belt and get her boots back on.

The two combatants were led back to the center of the ring and the referee lifted Marlene’s arm in victory. Some of the crowd came up and congratulated the two on putting on a fantastic catfight. Alexis could feel some swelling around her eyes and was already starting to ache all over. She smiled and just wanted to get back to her car and get out of there. That is exactly what she did.

The next day, some of her twitter fans were asking how the match went. Alexis took a selfie while she was out shopping and posted it. Her face pretty much told the story. One of her fans asked if she plans to do any more catfights. Alexis thought about that on her way home. She knew she had no interest in being outmatched like that again and definitely would not do a rematch against Marlene. But against another model? Mmmmmm.

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Spanish Soap Opera Catfight

In the final episode of Celebridade, Maria Clara gets even with Laura (played by Cláudia Abreu).

Maria (played by Malu Mader) traps Laura in the bathroom at a banquet. Maria slaps Laura across the face. Angry Laura rushes at Maria only to be slapped harder, knocking her to the ground.

Before she has a chance to get up, Maria jumps on top and gets control of her arms. Laura twists and bucks, but has no chance to get free from the bigger and stronger Maria.

Maria pins Laura’s arms with her knees and sits her weight onto Laura’s belly. With her rival pinned beneath her, Maria proceeds to deliver a series of powerful slaps across Laura’s face.

The petite Laura has no chance of escape with the heavier Maria Clara sitting on her and arms trapped in her pinioning thighs. Laura yells but can only try to ride it out.

Its not long before Laura is pretty much motionless beneath Maria Clara, who finally gets up and leaves Laura laying on the floor of the bathroom. The production team hammed it up pretty good with blood and effects.

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Cat Fight School Girl Pin – Halloween Humiliation

Beth and Lori were looking forward to a fun Halloween night of costumes and drinking. Looking spectacular in their costumes, they had some time to kill before the start of the party. With that, they headed to the back yard to get warmed up with some vodka martinis. It was an unusually warm October evening and both ladies knocked back a couple pretty quickly.

They were dressed up as a female wrestling tag team with Beth as BatGirl and Lori sporting a Wonder Woman costume. Beth felt particularly sexy in her costume. At 5’5 and 110lbs, she strutted around the yard making wrestling poses. Lori laughed and said, “You wish you could really do that.” Beth said back, “I can take anyone!” Lori stood up and said, “Anyone but me.” Lori stands 5’7” and weighs 130lbs. With a laugh, Beth said, “Well bring it then.”

Lori and Beth locked up and battled to take the other down. Lori had been in a few fights before and she swept Beth’s legs out from under her and they went down in a heap. She quickly got a rear choke on Beth and wrapped her legs around her waist. Beth twisted and wriggled and both ladies quickly got a bit sweaty. Lori said, “So you give right.” Beth, who had never been in a fight before, did not want to lose so easily. She grimaced and said, “No Way!”

Beth managed to twist around so that she was face to face and on top. Lori still had her arms and legs around Beth but could feel her losing her grip. Beth got her hands on the ground and pushed, breaking Lori’s arms from holding her. Beth then went backwards and slithered out of Lori’s legs. Beth was now on her knees as Lori was starting to get up. Beth was coming at her and Lori threw a knee into Beth’s stomach. It caught Beth by surprise knocking her on to her back. Lori got on top of her and was trying to tie up her legs in a grapevine pin. But Beth kept them free, locked up Lori with arms and they began to roll. When Beth was on top, she sprawled her legs to stop and she now had Lori on her back.

Beth grabbed her wrists and scrambled to kneeling position astride Lori. She dropped her cute ass full weight onto Lori’s belly. Lori sure felt the impact and let out an “oomph as Beth’s weight landed on her belly. Beth also had Lori’s wrists. Lori tried to keep Beth from getting her wrists on the ground, but from the bottom it was impossible and soon Beth soon got her wrists pinned by her head.

She used her legs to try to buck Beth off, but her balance was too good. Plus each time she did this, Beth’s weight would land hard on her belly. Lori tried twisting free but Beth squeezed her legs into Lori’s mid section. Realizing the advantage, Beth began to bounce her ass up and down on to Lori’s stomach, each time landing with a thud and Lori making an “oomph.”

Lori finally stopped struggling. Beth pinned her arms with her knees and folded her arms across her chest.  Beth was truly enjoying her position of dominance and Lori could not believe she was on her back with the smaller girl sitting on her.

Beth looked down at her and said, “it looks like you are the one who has to give!” Lori told her to get up but she was in no position to make demands. Beth said, “give up and I will think about it.” She was enjoying herself too much anyway. Lori snarled, “no way.” With that, Beth slid up so that she was sitting on Lori’s chest with her thighs encasing Lori’s face and shins firmly pinning her arms. Beth felt quite a rush as she now had Lori in a humiliating school girl pin. She had never been in a fight before yet her she had Lori pinned flat. Lori shouted, “get the hell off of me you bitch!”

Beth laughed and figured she really press her win. She slid up a little further so that she was covering Lori’s face and she could be heard as “mmmpppphhhhh.”  Lori struggled to get free from Beth sitting on her face but it was to no avail. Beth was too strong and Lori was too exhausted. After about 30 seconds, Beth slid back so that she was sitting back on top of her tits. Beth looked down at her and said, “I am TRULY enjoying this.” Lori shouted, “just get up you damn bitch!” It’s never good to taunt the person who is sitting on you and Beth bounced her ass on her foes chest. Lori shouted, “Ouch! That fucking hurts.” With that, Beth slid forward again covering up Lori’s mouth, saying, “Well this will shut you up.” She enjoyed the muffled sounds of Lori hurling protest.”MMMMPPPPPHHHHH.” She also gave her face an extra squeeze with her thighs. After about 60 seconds, she slid back allowing her some air.

Lori gasped in some breaths and angrily said, “how much longer do you intend to do this?” Her nemesis looked down at her and said bluntly, “until I am ready to let you up.” Lori again shouted, “you fucking bitch!”  With that, Beth slide up yet again and squeezed her face tightly with her thighs. Lori tried to not make noise or struggle realizing Beth enjoyed it when she did. But she could help it with the warmth of Beth’s pussy through her spandex costume covering up her mouth and nose. Before long, Lori resumed, “mmmmmpppphhhh!’

Finally Beth moved back and dropped her ass on to Lori, sitting on her stomach. Lori let an oomph as the wind was forced out of her as Beth landed. She kept her knees on Lori’s wrists, adjusted herself to comfortable position, folder her arms across her chest and continued sitting full weight on her belly. Lori did not bother to struggle as Beth enjoyed the sensation of dominance. She looked down into Lori’s face, and said, “you shouldn’t have insisted that I give. It only made me more determined.” Lori had to accept the reality that the smaller lady had won as she was completely pinned and unable to do anything about it. She looked up at Beth, and said, “well, I cannot believe that you kicked my ass.” Beth said, “I am still sitting on you so that pretty means that I am STILL kicking your ass!” Both ladies laughed and Beth said, “say that you give and I will let you up.” Lori said, “I GIVE!” With that, Beth finally got up and gave Lori a hand getting up off the ground.

They finished the rest of their drinks and headed off to the party.

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Price is Right – Rachel vs Manuela

The Price is Right set is normally free of drama, but there has always been a bit of tension bubbling up under the surface between the models. A few arguments with a little pushing and shoving, but none came to a catfight until Rachel and Manuela were both having a bad day. All of the models are subtly competitive with much of that involving Manuela as she draws plenty of attention with her obvious beauty. It finally boiled over.

Manuela knocked down a row of products and a bottle of juice fell and exploded onto to Rachel’s shoes. She maintained decorum but whispered to Manuela, “clumsy oaf.” Annoyed she said, “It was an accident you bitch.” Rachel kept a smile on her face as the cameras rolled but couldn’t believe the insolence from a junior model.

As soon as they got back stage, Rachel grabbed Manuela by the shoulder and spun her around so that she had to look into her face. Rachel spewed, “don’t you ever call me a bitch and you are the oaf who spilled the table.” Manuela slapped Rachel’s hand off her shoulder and said, “You had better knock it off.” Growing up, Manuela had gotten into some catfights before and being a bit younger and heavier, had some advantage and wouldn’t let herself be intimidated. Rachel jabbed a finger into Manuela’s chest and said, “Just watch your ass.” Then she turned to walk away.

Not satisfied, Manuela grabbed Rachel by her belt to keep her from getting away. Rachel turned and slapped Manuela. Not to be outdone, Manuela said, “alright bitch, you wanna catfight, you got it” as she punched Rachel low in the stomach. Rachel doubled over as Manuela got to her side and put her in a head lock. The taller lady reached her arm around, grabbed Manuela by her long black hair and yanked. This caused Manuela to release the headlock and reach for her hand wrapped in her hair.

Rachel kept the momentum going and took Manuela to the ground landing on top of her. Manuela was struggling to get Rachel’s hand out of her hair and the taller lady off of her. She bucked sideways and they rolled over and rover until she was on top. From there, Manuela twisted Rachel’s hands out of her hair. Manuela got some short slaps in. From the bottom, Rachel got a headlock on Manuela to keep her from getting to a sitting position. Manuela kicked her legs sideways to have leverage and broke Rachel’s head lock. Both ladies scrambled to a kneeling position, but Manuela was faster.

Manuela delivered two quick slaps to Rachel’s face and followed that up with two heavy stomach punches, knocking the wind out of her.

Manuela then hauled Rachel to the floor and sat astride her stomach. Rachel tried to shove her off but did not have the strength. Manuela seized her wrists and shoved them to the ground by Rachel’s head. Rachel tried to twist and buck but Manuela used her balance to stay seated on top of her. Manuela bounced her ass on top of Rachel’s belly with Rachel letting out an “oomph” with each thud. This quickly weakened her and Rachel stopped thrashing.

Manuela pinned Rachel’s arms with her knees, sat upright and adjusted herself to a comfortable sitting position. Rachel couldn’t believe she was stuck pinned to the ground with the shorter and heavier model sitting on her stomach. Rachel though to herself that Manuela sure felt heavier than she looked.

Manuela looked down at her and said, “Who is clumsy now!” Rachel yelled, “Get off me you cow!” Manuela laughed and bounced her sexy ass onto Rachel’s belly a few more times to stop her insolence and enjoyed the discomfort Rachel experienced with each “oomph.” In between landings, Rachel forced out, “Just get the hell off me. What are you two years old!” Manuela remined Rachel that she started it and this is what she gets for picking a fight.

Manuela continued sitting on her, enjoying her dominance over the taller blonde. She finally grabbed Rachel’s face to make sure she was looking up at her and said, “Don’t you ever call me clumsy again or you’ll be right back here.” Rachel not in a position to argue agreed. Then Manuela told her to admit she lost. Rachel said, “Fine.. fine.. fine.. you win.” Manuela smiled and then got up.

Rachel also stood up and both ladies adjusted their hair and clothes just in time to get back out on camera for the next game.

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Tough Day at the Office

Jessica and Tina just did not get along, which is common among women in most office settings. The tension had been building for quite some time. Everybody on the staff knew it was coming, they just did not know just when.

Tina is a proper lady of 42 years and Jessica is an ambitious lady of 28. Tina felt as if Jessica was trying to undermine her and did not appreciate her authority. Jessica had a temper and while smart, often would let it show. Many in the office did not particularly like Jessica, but they wouldn’t say it to her face. Jessica was into kickboxing and pretty athletic. Nobody really thought she’d get physical, but no one wanted to confront, until Tina did.

Jessica and Tina were arguing about the report that Jessica did. Jessica leaned over the desk and called Tina a “hack” right in front of a new employee and with everyone else in ear shot. Tina really had had it. She walked around the desk and got right in Jessica’s face. Pointing up at Jessica, who stands 5’10” and 145lbs to Tina’s 5’5” and 120lbs, she said, “one more time like that and I’ll have HR come and remove you!” Jessica snapped, “what you can’t do it yourself?”

With that, Tina punched Jessica right in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Jessica doubled over in stunned disbelief. Realizing what she had done, Tina figured she had better get busy before Jessica started a comeback. She grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and drove her to the floor, landing on top. Now people around the office were starting to walk over. Tina pressed her hands on to Jessica’s shoulders and jumped to a sitting position on Jessica’s belly, landing as hard as she could. Jessica let out an “oomph” as Tina’s butt crashed down on her. Tina immediately grabbed Jessica’s wrists in effort to pin them to floor. Jessica struggled and was strong, but Tina had the advantage and got her wrists pinned to the floor. Jessica couldn’t believe she was pinned by the smaller, older lady. But while Tina is older, she is still fit and had gotten into a few scraps in college.

Now there was a crowd around. Jerry started to walk towards them, but was stopped by others, particularly other women in the mostly female staff, who said “let them have it out.”

Jessica looked up at Tina and blurted, “get the hell off of me.” Tina looked down at her and said, “this is your own damn fault. Your attitude is total crap.” Tina got her knees on top of Jessica’s shoulder and placed her hands on her hips. Jessica called a fat old bitch. Tina gave her a stinging slap and Jessica yelled. Knowing that was in trouble, Jessica bucked upward knocking Tina sideways and onto the floor. Tina wasn’t ready for it. Jessica rolled onto Tina, but Tina kept the momentum going flung Jessica onto her side. Both women got to their knees and grabbed each other’s hair. Jessica let one hand free and gave Tina a punch to the eye, knocking her onto her back. Jessica sprung at her, but Tina caught her with her legs around Jessica’s waist.

Tina began to squeeze as hard as she could. Jessica found the pain to be extraordinary and tried to pull her legs off of her. But Tina’s scissor hold was unrelenting. Jessica punched at Tina’s belly. The first one got her pretty good, but she used her hands to block the others that Jessica tried. She managed to catch Jessica’s wrists to keep her from any more swinging. Now Jessica was really trapped and Tina found some more strength with which to tighten her scissors. From her back, she was controlling the bigger girl. Jessica tried to twist and writhe, but it wasn’t working and the scissors were taking a real toll as she used up her strength to break free. In one last ditch effort, she flung herself backwards, but Tina kept her hold on her wrists and came upward with Jessica. In one fluid motion and using the momentum, she put her feet on the ground and pushed forward knocking Jessica onto her back and landing on top.

Tina quickly sprang upward again and crash landed her butt on top of Jessica’s belly, while keeping hold of her wrists. Jessica used her legs to try to buck her off, but Tina was ready this time. She stayed low and rode it out. When the bucking and twisting stopped, Tina knew that Jessica was pretty much done, she sat upright on Jessica’s lower belly, pinned her arms with her knees and placed her hands on her hips. Jessica couldn’t believe that this older, smaller woman had her pinned flat to the ground.

Jessica said, “get the hell off of me.” Tina was enjoying her dominance of the younger lady and keeping her pinned. She asked, “So how much good is that kicking boxing doing? It isn’t stopping me from sitting on you is it.” Jessica said, “if we had squared off, I would knock you out!” Tina laughed and looked down at her and said, “but Jessica, we started from a standing position and now you are down here.” The other women in the office were enjoying Jessica’s predicament.

Just to irritate Jessica, Tina started to bounce her butt on top of Jessica’s stomach, each time landing with a thud and Jessica letting out an “oomph.” Jessica was having a really bad day at the office. Jessica again got out the words, “get off me you bitch” being interrupted by the butt drops.

After a few more really heavy ones, Tina sat still on Jessica and grabbed her by the face to make her look up at her. Jessica starred into the face of her nemesis sitting on top of her. Tina spent about 5 minutes going over the rules of the office and the proper attitude expected of her. Finally Jessica agreed and said politely, “please get off of me.” The office cheered as Tina stood up.

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Mat Wrestling Catfight

Ashleigh felt ready for her big match with Keri as she awaited her younger opponent’s arrival. Sitting in her home wearing a matching purple silk bra and panty set that she bought for this match and covered by a silk robe, Ashleigh felt confident she would prevail against the woman many perceived to be an up and coming wrestler in their wrestling group. At 29 Ashleigh found herself to be one of the elder stateswoman in this club as she readied herself to meet up with someone who was very much like Ashleigh when she just started the wrestling group. Much like Keri, who has earned the nickname of Killer Keri with some of her impressived victores and has a 15-1 record coming into this match, Ashleigh acquired an impressive win loss record as well as she won her first 24 matches before tasting defeat. And even though her win loss record has not been as impressive since, Ashleigh felt she would be able to teach the neophyte wrestler a thing or two due to her overwhelming experience she has over her younger riv al. Ashleigh’s confidence was tempered somewhat however by the fact that Keri had beaten Ashleigh’s toughest foe to date, Deb, rather handily, demonstrating that the 24 yo woman was one to be reckoned with in future matches.

Keri arrived promptly at 11. Keri removed her shoes as pleasant greetings were exchanged at the door. Even without her shoes on one could not help but notice the difference in height as Keri’s 5’7″ frame seemed to tower over Ashleigh’s 5’4 frame, nor the nearly 20 lbs in weight advantage Keri as Keri weighed in at 170 lbs compared to Ashleigh’s 152 lbs. In fact the only area that Ashleigh was bigger than Keri was in the breast area. Ashleigh took off her robe revealing her eye popping figure, as well as he eye popping 40G chest, as Keri removed her sweater and blue jeans revealing a matching pink bra, which strained to contain Keri’s 38DDD, and panties that complemented the younger ladies curvaceous figure. Ashleigh quickly guided Keri to her wrestling room as both women wanted to get this match started right away.

The mood changed as both women walked into the wrestling room. Keri started the action early by pushing Ashleigh into the wall coolly telling her older rival “Let’s go bitch!!” Ashleigh did not appreciate Keri’s sudden aggressiveness and gave Keri the evil eye as she worked to regain her balance. Keri did not seem phased by Ashleigh’s look and lunged at Ashleigh, clamping a side headlock on her shorter opponent. Ashleigh clamped her arms around Keri’s waist, partly to try to pry her head loose, also to keep Keri from flipping Ashleigh over her hip to the mats. Keri did not let this deter her as she went to go to her knees, forcing Ashleigh down as well. Ashleigh fought this move but was unable to stop Keri as she had that aformentioned 20 lb weight advantage over Ashleigh. Keri tried to push Ashleigh to her back but was unable to as Ashleigh pried her head loose and escaped Keri’s headlock.

Before Keri could react Ashleigh pushed Keri onto the mat. Ashley and Keri rolled around on the mat until Ashleigh got on top of Keri and straddled her younger rival. Ashleigh’s advantage did not last long as Keri reached up and pulled Ashleigh’s head down, holding Ashleigh’s head down close to her limiting Ashleigh’s movement. Ashleigh punched Keri’s side hoping to get Keri to release her head but it only motivated Keri to squeeze Ashleigh’s neck harder, momentarily making it impossible for Ashleigh to breath. Ashleigh, desperate now, reached down and pushed up on the floor hoping to break this deathlock on her neck. Keri immediately chopped the inside of Ashleigh’s elbow causing Ashleigh to fall to her right and allowing Keri to flip Ashleigh over while maintaining her hold on Ashleigh’s neck. Keri was straddling Ashleigh, making it difficult for Ashleigh to breath as Ashleigh’s face began to turn red.

Keri landed two rights into Ashleigh’s side as she could smell blood and was going in for the kill. These blows caused Ashleigh to scream out in pain as she was in danger of losing this match quickly. In desperation Ashleigh pulled at Keri’s hair, trying with all her might to get Keri off of her. Finally Ashleigh was able to get Keri to remove her arm from Ashleigh’s neck. Bridging up Ashleigh bucked hard and caused Keri to lose her balance, causing Keri to fall off Ashleigh. Both females got to their knees and looked at each other, with Ashleigh feeling the worse for the wear as she was absorbing more of the punishment doled out so far.

Both women stood up and circled each other cautiously talking trash to each other in hopes of psyching out her opponent. “In 5 minutes I will be 16-1” Keri coldly stated to Ashleigh who replied, “yeah right hun, don’t kid yourself.” Ashleigh however did not feel as strong as she hoped as she had to keep reminding herself how she had won her other matches and how she can still win this match despite the fact that it was Keri who was giving out more of the pain. Keri and Ashleigh then took turns slapping each other’s face, grabbing each other’s hair, probing for weaknesses and breaking off the action as they were cautious and did not want to make a mistake. This time it was Ashleigh who became the aggressor as she pinned the taller Keri against the wall and pressed her forearm into Keri’s upper chest. A right hook landed into Ashleigh’s side, causing Ashleigh to yell out in pain and fall to one knee. Keri, after a minute of circling her weakened opponent, put her foot onto Ashleigh’s shoulder and pushed Ashleigh down to the mat.

Ashleigh was allowed to stand up, which she did, as she circled Keri. At this point of the match Ashleigh was really feeling it as Keri was controlling the tempo of the match as Ashleigh had been unable to sustain any sort of offensive attack. Only personal pride kept the older woman going as her will to win would not let her give up. Ashleigh and Keri got up close and that is where Ashleigh went low on Keri wrapping her arms around Keri’s waist. Keri tried to reciprocate but found it impossible to do so without losing her balance and risk falling over. Ashleigh, sensing Keri’s problem reached down and grabbed Keri’s thighs picking up the younger rival and slamming her to the mats.

Ashleigh straddled the younger woman, put her arms underneath Keri’s arms and over Keri’s neck. She then moved her chest up and planted it on Keri’s face, effectively smothering her younger rival. For the first time Ashleigh had control of the match and she wanted it to be the end of this arduous fight as she pushed her chest roughly into Keri’s face trying to make sure Keri would not be able to escape this deadly hold. At first Keri responded by flailing her arms and legs widely hoping to kick her older rival off. This only served to weaken herself and made Ashleigh feel even more confident in achieving victory. Keri then attempted to escape by digging her fingernails into Ashleigh’s shoulders as she bridged up. Ashleigh was still able to maintain control as her confidence grew even stronger. However Keri’s resolve was stronger than Ashleigh realized as she wrapped Ashleigh’s hair with her left hand and jerked Ashleigh’s head back hard causing Ashleigh to lose some control of the fight. Keri followed that up with a slap to Ashleigh’s face with her free hand. Ashleigh was forced to release Keri’s neck and grab Keri’s wrists as she did not feel strong enough to take too many more slaps or punches.

Ashleigh was only able to secure one hand however and pin it as she fought valiantly to secure Keri’s other hand. Keri kept slapping Ashleigh’s cheek with her free hand hoping to turn the tables on her older rival. This had an effect on Ashleigh as she began to feel the effects of the slaps and wanted to find a way to stop this torment. Eventually Keri was able to get her other wrist free causing Ashleigh to get up and start to slap Keri in her face with her free hands. Ashleigh was able to get in some good slaps on Keri’s face before Keri connected with a hook to Ashleigh’s already sore side causing Ashleigh to fall off of Keri and land on her back, winded, weakened and vulnerable.

Ashleigh was weazing for breath as she was ripe for the taking but Keri got up, moved to the other side of the room and kneeled, taking the time to catch her own breath. Ashley saw the brilliance in this move as Keri made Ashleigh get up and expend more energy going to her. Ashley’s resolve was sorely tested as she wondered if she could even win at this point. Only that personal pride that Ashley was feeling earlier in the match motivated Ashleigh for what she did next. Slowly Ashleigh started to get up to her knees, wobbly and weak. Keri got up, walked over to her weakened rival and put her heel on Ashleigh’s shoulder, pushing her down to the mats again. Keri looked down at Ashleigh with a smile that betrayed her plan for victory. Keri stood over her rival and dropped down onto Ashleigh’s stomach, effectively knocking the wind out of her rapidly weakening opponent. Methodically,Keri leaned over, put her hands behind Ashleigh’s head and pulled Ashleigh’s head in between her massive mammaries, effectively covering Ashleigh’s face from chin to forehead, smothering her face. The last image Ashleigh was allowed to see what Keri’s 38DDD chest surrounding Ashleigh’s stunned face.

Everything went dark for Ashleigh as her face was completely eclipsed by her opponent’s DDD chest. Ashleigh’s face was engulfed with flesh as Keri pressed her chest together efficiently covering Ashleigh’s mouth and pinching her nose shut tight. Breathing was nearly impossible as Keri made sure to keep Ashleigh’s face in her cleavage where there was no way for oxegyn to get to Ashleigh’s thirsting lungs. It was Ashleigh’s turn to flail madly as she rained ineffective and weak punches on Keri’s back as she kicked her legs wildly hoping to unseat her larger but younger opponent. Nothing Ashleigh was doing was working as Ashleigh started to slowly succumb to the effects of the breastsmother. Ashleigh flashed back to the last time she was defeated in such a move and felt the same hopeless feeling she felt last time. Fear overcame Ashleigh as she worried that Keri would not get up when Ashleigh submitted, as Ashleigh remembered passing out under her last breastsmother when her opponent would not stop the move after hearing her submission.The more Keri kept pressing her chest together, the more Ashleigh’s lungs ached for oxegyn as Keri did not hold back anything in her search for victory.Keri was enjoying this as much as Ashleigh was dreading it because Keri enjoyed seeing the larger chested woman succumb to her own massive mammaries. Despite feeling beaten Ashleigh kept on fighting however as something inside her willed her to fight on. Her actions were all for naught as Ashleigh slowly felt herself getting light headed from the lack of oxegyn. Ashleigh’s energy waned as each second ticked in this deadly hold. Ashleigh’s body started to show increasing fatigue as her arms and legs kept slowing down at an increasingly faster pace.Only Ashleigh’s pride kept her going as she would not give up until all of her energy was spent. However, after about 3 minutes of fighting this hopeless cause Ashleigh’s arms and legs faded to no movement at all as she just lay there totally defeated. Unconsciousness was fleeting for Ashleigh as she was near the point of passing out and barely had the strength to whisper her submission to her now obvious defeat. “No more, I am done,” was all that Ashleigh could utter as she finally came to accept her humiliating defeat, only her second defeat to a woman using the breastsmother as her finishing move.

Keri stood up and put her foot on Ashleigh’s chest, signifying her victory over her older rival. Ashleigh was barely conscious as she looked up and saw Keri’s arms up in victory. Ashleigh felt the sting of a defeat in a very humiliating manner as it was the most personal of in your face losses one could absorb. Ashleigh knew the move from both the victor as well as the losing side and hated losing while under her opponent’s large chest. To make matters worse, it was then that Ashleigh realized that Keri could claim the championship of their wrestling group since she had defeated the groups top two wrestlers in her and Deb. Ashleigh knew she would have to earn a title shot by beating Deb, a match-up she was dreading but now realized must come true for Ashleigh to earn the right to be queen of their little wrestling world again.

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Jeans Catfight story

Sarah and Janet just did not like each other. Ever since the start of the semester, the two often clashed with catty remarks. Several times they almost came to blows but stopped since fighting resulted in swift disciplinary action in the dorms. It built and built.

Sarah went to get her laundry and found it laying all over the floor. Janet was standing there laughing and said, “you should’ve been here on time to remove it so I did it for you”. Sarah told her, “there are plenty of dryers left, you could’ve taken any of them!”. Janet smirked, “but you had my favorite one”.

Sarah said, “you are lucky we’re in the dorm otherwise I’d kick your ass”. Janet stood in her face and sneered, “I’d knock you senseless… why don’t we go outside then”. Sarah figured she’d call the brunette’s bluff as she was 7 inches taller and 30lbs heavier. Plus there was a crowd around. Janet said, “fine then bitch… lets go”.

They headed outside with a small crowd following. Sarah knew Janet was in pretty good shape from skating practice but though she’d back down. Both stood in the snowy, ice coated alley behind the dorm. Janet was laughing to the crowd and then lunged at Sarah with a surprise punch to the jaw. This sent Sarah reeling. Janet followed up with a flurry of punches to the stomach.

Sarah fought through them and got Janet in a headlock. The ground was quite slippery and she got Janet to the ground. Janet was on her back and Sarah tried to punch at her face. Janet got a leg up to block the punches and twisted away. She quickly got to her knees and grabbed Sarah in a headlock. Both girls were punching away but Janet was landing more blows.

Sarah tried to stand up but Janet pulled her backward causing her to land on her back in slush. Janet then sat down heavily on Sarah’s belly and grabbed at her arms. Sarah knew she had to keep her arms free. Janet instead decided to rain punches down from her dominant position. Sarah tried to buck her off but her boots would slip on the ice when she’d plant her feet. Janet was also quite agile and good at distributing her weight.

Realizing she couldn’t buck the smaller girl off of her, Sarah went back to trying to protect her face. But Janet got control of her arms and pinned them with her knees. Sarah was solidly pinned and knew she was in trouble. Janet wanted to teach the bigger girl a good lesson and leave a mark for everybody to see. Janet kneeled up for leverage and then she gave Sarah a hard shot to the nose and three to the eye, then sat back down hard onto the blonde’s belly. Sitting upright with her hands on her hips, Janet starred down looking at Sarah’s face.

Sarah couldn’t believe her predicament… laying there in the slush with the smaller girl sitting on her stomach. With her hands now free, she wiped her nose but did not bother to fight back at this point. She told Janet, “ok… I give… you won… now get off me.” Janet looked down at her and laughed, “I just want to watch your eye and make sure my work is done here”. Janet continued sitting on the belly of her beaten foe as the crowd looked on. She could see Sarah’s eye starting to turn into a shiner. Finally the RA came out and separated them.

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School Girl Pin Contest

My girlfriend Rita is a playful pretty 34 year old Italian woman. She has curly shoulder length black hair, olive skin and big brown eyes. She is buxom 5’10”, 175 lb woman with a very sexy hour glass figure. Her friend from work Kathy is 55yo, 5’6″ and 135lbs. She has flaxen blondish hair and is of English desecnt and is quite cute. One night Kathy was over my house and we where drinking and shooting the breeze when I spilled the beans on my fetish. Of course Rita knew all about it but it came as a surprise to Kathy who apparently never heard of a “school girl pin” fetish but seemed excited about it. In my devious mind I was trying to think up of a way to get them to sit on each other when it hit me…a contest. The rules where simple; I would pay the winner $50 if they lasted longer in the sgp position but both had to strip down to their panties. It would be a two out of three match.

Rita seemed quite excited about the idea and wanted to start immediately as she slipped out of her skirt, blouse and shoes. Sitting on the sofa with a sensual and a little bit bashful smile in just her full pantyhose. “Do I look ok?” she said in a girlish voice with one of her legs crossed dangling her foot. Although shy at first we teased Kathy into stripping down to her sexy pink panties. Despite her age, she worked out at the gym a lot and had a nice body. Both girls where a little tipsy from the wine which worked to my advantage of course! I explained to them that besides the sitting they could tickle their opponent if they wanted too. We flipped a coin to decide who would go first and Rita won.

Poor Kathy had to lay on her back in the middle of the living room floor as my girlfriend mounted her and applied a classic sgp. Rita’s meaty ass was sitting directly on the older woman’s firm but small tits as she placed her hands on her hips and sat back. It was very exciting the view from the back to see my girls shapely ass sitting on Kathy. It was obvious about three minutes into the contest Rita’s weight was taking a toll as the older woman’s face was quite red and her breathing labored; she could only say a few words than gasp…mmmff. Rita said she could feel Kathy’s heart pounding very heavily as she sat on her chest. Kathy said she could feel it in her ears because it was beating so loud and wildly. Rita wondered if it was because Kathy was getting sexually excited about the position, she certainly was, or because the heavy weight on her chest was causing it. She said she could feel Kathy’s rib cage flex and buckle down a little and she told Kathy she felt her heavy weight pressing right on her heart and that may be causing the palpitations . Rita asked if she was hurting her friend and asked if she wanted her to move to her tummy or get off and Kathy just gasped “no” but she felt kinda queasy in her chest. Rita could only smile and say that she was a heavy girl and not surprised that Kathy felt queasy or her heart was beating fast.

I think Rita knew on some level Kathy liked this and she was getting sexually excited too. In a way, Kathy seemed submissive and accepting her position until the weight made her surrender. However, the older woman lasted to the 5 minute and 45 second mark before giving up; we where both impressed. My girl was a little sassy and teased Kathy and didn’t want to let her up for a while as she moved up and sat nearly on her neck for a minute or two and pressed the moist pantyhose crotch into the older blond’s nose as she reached back to tickle her tummy. It was very obvious Rita was becomming aroused as she applied the sgp on Kathy.

She did muscle poses while teasing and tickling Kathy and again said she felt Kathy’s heart racing loudly and described it as a vibrating sensation under her very sexy pantyhose covered ass. You got that queasy feeling?; I’m sitting heavily on your chest again, I think you like this Rita said with a smile looking down at her friend….I think you like that queasy sensation in your chest with me sitting this way… I got my weight on your heart, you like it…you also like me squishing your tits down sexy Rita continued. Her huge muscular thighs had the English woman’s head trapped like in a vise. Poor Kathy could only look up at Rita’s pretty face smiling down at her. She could also see the younger womans ample tits hanging over her. All the time Kathy’s breathing was quite labored as Rita’s shapely ass continued to sit heavily on the older woman’s breast. It has been another close to six minutes where the smaller Kathy had to endure the weight of the voluptous Italian woman. Finally, Kathy groaned between the “mmfff’s” that she felt sick as Rita continued to sit heavily making it really difficult to breath. Up to this point, we both felt Kathy really enjoyed being on the bottom as she was obviously having a fun time too and was excited but now the weight was really too much for her. Rita smiled and took a little weight off but continued to sit on her chest for another 3 minutes or so as I could tell she really enjoyed doing this to her friend. The older woman continued to to grunt she felt queasy and sick as I watched my girl’s beautiful ass do its work.

I could see especially from the backside that Rita was still sitting heavily and the older woman’s lungs was heaving for air. Finally, sassy Rita said she would get off, if Kathy would kiss her foot. After being sat on for over 15 minutes, poor Kathy was relieved of her victor’s weight, well almost. Sexy Rita could not help pressing her nylon clad foot heavily on Kathy’s sore chest between her tits and doing a victory pose. Next, Rita stepped up and was standing full weight with one foot on the center of Kathy’s chest and the other resting lightly on her face while holding on to the wall for balance. She made the crushed older woman smell and kiss her foot. I could see the older woman’s neck veins bulge as Rita’s 175 lbs pressed down her sternum and ribcage. Kathy could only grunt as she kissed the bottom of Rita’s nylon covered foot. Rita looked very sexy with her voluptous hour glass figure standing on poor Kathy who could barely breath. After about a half a minute or so the younger woman stepped off her chest,.. what a victory it was! To see Rita trample her friend underfoot almost made me come my shorts. Kathy was flattened and sensually dominated and for the most part was enjoying this play by the look on her face but needed a couple of minutes to recover from being steam rolled!

courtesy of Red Wolf

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My First Catfight

It was an unusually cool September afternoon and we had been at the camp drinking around the bonfire. The red neck campers next door were more than a little obnoxious. I decided to go over and ask them to keep it down a bit. I was confronted by a very butch girl who was not too pleasant and told me to fuck off. I called her a cow and pushed me hard.

She had short black hair, tattooed and looked like she weighed at least 150lbs and 5’5″ tall. She was definately much bigger than me… I am a firey blonde, but smaller at 5-3 115bs. While I am smaller than her, I am however in great shape.

I was going to leave with my tail between my legs but my husband said, “don’t let her push you around”. Our other friends and the rednecks at the butch girl’s camp hooted and egged us on.

I dont know if it was the beer or my husbands enthusiam, but I turned and ran at her… it was like hitting a wall. Ramming her like that didn’t really knock her back much at all. Instead, she tackled me and we fell to the ground with her landing on top.

I managed to roll over but quickly wound up on my back again. She sat down hard on my stomach and she definately felt heavy, alot like a bulldozer. I could feel her heavy ass sitting right on top of my lower belly, centered on my belt buckle. She managed to get my arms pinned under her knees amd I could not twist or move. Funny the things that go through your mind… I imagined having a big oval shape from my belt buckle pressure printed onto my skin. At first sat there smiling. I told her, “get off me you fat cow!” Then started ryhtmically slapping me across the face. The stinging was starting to intensify. She postured up and got in a few hard punches to my left eye.

I managed to get an arm free to try to protect my face. I guess while trying to protect myself, my hand got caught in her top, and her boobs were out and swinging in my face. The crowd of onlookers, including my stupid husband, let out a whoop.

Needless to say she did not like that very much. The dyke got my arm pinned back down and continued sitting on my stomach. She said, “c’mon… get up”. I told her, “I would but you are too fat to move.” She laughed and gave me some slaps to my tits and a few more to my face. She ripped away my top, pulled me up off the ground and told me to get walking.

I walked back to our camp feeling glad it was over, but also glad I stood up to her. If I fight someone again though, I hope it against someone not as heavy.

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Catfighting Story Wrestling

Kelly was furious. She had warned Lynette in the past to stop flirting with her boyfriend, but for some reason she just wouldn’t listen. Kelly was walking down the long hallway leading to Lynette’s dorm room. The adrenaline rush began as she anticipated, and also looked forward to, a physical confrontation with Lynette. Kelly stood in front of the closed door and knocked loudly. As the door began to open, Lynette cautiously peered out. Seeing who was in the hallway, Lynette tried to push the door closed. But Kelly pushed it back with her hands and quickly forced it open. She strutted confidently into the room.

“What are YOU doing here?” Lynette asked Kelly, seemingly very surprised to see her.

Kelly closed the door behind her and locked the deadbolt. She walked towards Lynette.

“You know why I’m here..” Kelly said with a stern tone in her voice. “I told you to stay away from my boyfriend, but you wouldn’t listen!”

Lynette stepped back as Kelly moved towards her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lynette replied nervously. “I didn’t do anything to him.”

Standing right in front of Lynette now, Kelly reached out and gave her a hard shove, pushing her back even further.

“Don’t lie to me you bitch!” Kelly threatened her. “I know what you did!”

Kelly quickly grabbed hold of Lynette and wrapped her arm around her neck. She pulled Lynette’s head down to her side and held her in a tight headlock.

“Let go of me!” Lynette yelled, as she tried to break free of the headlock. Lynette suddenly stumbled and lost her balance, making it that much easier for Kelly to drag her down to the floor.

Lynette seemed stunned as she found herself laying on her dorm room floor, with Kelly directly on top of her.

“Get off!” Lynette yelled, as she managed to roll to her stomach while trying to squirm out from underneath Kelly.

Releasing the headlock, Kelly quickly got up to her knees astride Lynette’s back. She took hold of Lynette’s wrists and held them down to the floor. With Lynette on her stomach, Kelly sat her ass down onto the small of Lynette’s back.

“I’m gonna make you wish you NEVER met my boyfriend!” Kelly warned the trapped girl beneath her.

Kelly got to her knees again and began to turn Lynette over to her back while continuing to straddle her. Lynette tried to struggle, but she seemed to be in a state of shock by what was happening to her. It was all happening so quickly, and before she realized it, Kelly had her rolled over and trapped on her back. Lynette tried to reach up to the girl on top of her, but Kelly grabbed her wrists tightly in her hands and pressed them down to the floor next to the sides of her head. Kelly sat down hard onto Lynette’s stomach.

“MMffff!!” Lynette groaned. “Get…off of me!”

“No!” Kelly replied, as she smiled down into Lynette’s face. Kelly slid forward a little and put her knees onto Lynette’s shoulder’s, pinning them securely to the carpeted floor of the dorm room. “I’m not moving until you decide to stop flirting with my boyfriend, you stupid bitch!”

Lynette glared up at Kelly.

“If you don’t get off of me RIGHT NOW,” Lynette threatened the girl sitting on her, “I”m gonna scream!”

Kelly quickly moved forward a little more. Her knees slid over Lynette’s shoulders and came to rest on the floor just a few inches away from the sides of the trapped girl’s head. Pinning Lynette’s shoulders beneath her shins now, she released Lynette’s wrists. As she sat astride Lynette’s breasts, she reached down and covered Lynette’s mouth with the palm of her hand.

“OK,” Kelly smiled. “Go ahead and scream. I don’t care.”

“MMMffff!! MMMfff!!”, was all Lynette could manage as Kelly’s hand completely covered her mouth.

With her other hand, Kelly grabbed a fistful of Lynette’s hair and began tugging at it.

“MMMfff!!!!!” Lynette moaned again as Kelly yanked at her hair.

“Are you gonna be quiet?” Kelly asked the girl trapped beneath her, “Or should I rip your hair out?”

Lynette’s eyes were wide with fear as she stared up at Kelly. She was suddenly silent.

Kelly released Lynette’s hair, and removed her hand from the pinned girl’s mouth. She clenched a fist and held it threateningly just an inch above Lynette’s nose.

“If you even THINK about screaming,” Kelly warned her, “I’ll punch you in your face, understand?”

Lynette submissively placed her hands onto the tops of Kelly’s knees as she meekly looked up at her.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Lynette seemed to whimper to the girl sitting on her.

Kelly put her hands onto her thighs and glared down into the face of the girl pinned to the carpet beneath her.

“Because you keep flirting with my boyfriend!” Kelly replied. “I keep telling you to stop, but you just don’t listen, do you?”

Lynette suddenly began squirming around as she tried to slide her shoulders out from under Kelly’s shins. For an instant Kelly seemed to lose her balance, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Oh no you don’t!” Kelly said, as she took hold of Lynette’s wrists again, moving the pinned girl’s hands off of her knees. She leaned forward a little, and pressed Lynette’s wrists back down to the floor next to her head as Lynette continued to squirm.

“Get off of me!” Lynette pleaded, as she struggled beneath Kelly.

Kelly began sliding up even more forward on Lynette’s squirming body until she felt Lynette’s chin pressing into the crotch of her white shorts. Kelly brought her knees in and clamped the sides of Lynette’s head firmly between her bare inner thighs. Kelly quickly sat more upright as she straddled Lynette’s throat and neck. She held Lynette’s wrists tightly in her hands up near her thighs as Lynette’s shoulder’s remained pinned beneath her lower shins.

“Now I’ve got ya'”, Kelly smiled, as she looked down into Lynette’s face which was framed perfectly between her thighs.

Lynette’s body suddenly became motionless. Her legs extended straight out across the floor. She was afraid to move. She seemed almost terrified at being in this very submissive and erotic position beneath Kelly.

“Please…” Lynette begged the girl sitting on her, “Please…. move back…. please?”

“No way bitch!” Kelly replied quickly, obviously enjoying her very dominating position astride the girl trapped beneath her. “I think I’m just going to sit here like this for awhile. I’m very comfortable.”

Kelly released Lynette’s wrists, and she put her hands onto her hips as she looked down into Lynette’s face.

Lynette could barely stand it. She placed her hands onto the tops of Kelly’s thighs as they continued to press against the sides of her head.

“Please…” Lynette begged Kelly again, as her chin pressed against the crotch of Kelly’s white shorts with every word she spoke. “Move…back.”

“I just told you,” Kelly replied, teasing the girl trapped beneath her. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Lynette was helpless. And there was nothing she could do about it. Her face was one of complete frustration and embarrassment as her head was held securely between Kelly’s inner thighs.

“Come on..” Lynette continued to beg. “Please move back…”

“What’s wrong?” Kelly teased her. “You don’t like me sitting on you?”

“No!” Lynette replied quickly. “Get off of me!”

Kelly smiled as she looked down into Lynette’s face. The girl beneath her looked so submissive as she lay still on her back. Kelly moved her hands off of her hips and lightly took hold of Lynette’s wrists as Lynette’s hands continued to rest on the tops of her thighs.

“Just so you know..” Kelly began to warn her. “If you ever flirt with my boyfriend again, I’m gonna come find you and sit on you again, understand?”

“Yes…OK..” Lynette replied reluctantly. “I’ll leave him alone…. Will you PLEASE get off me now?”

Kelly continued looking down into Lynette’s face between her inner thighs.

“No….” Kelly replied. “…I don’t think so. Not just yet anyway. I like it here.”

“Damn you!” Lynette said with much frustration. “Get off of me!!”

Kelly just ignored the girl beneath her as she continued to enjoy her dominating position astride Lynette’s throat and neck. And she knew that there was nothing Lynette could do about it.

Lynette couldn’t even look up at Kelly anymore. She eventually closed her eyes as she lay trapped beneath her, and completely at her mercy.

After a good twenty minutes or so of holding Lynette’s head tightly between her inner thighs, Kelly began to slowly slide back. Lynette finally opened her eyes as she felt Kelly’s weight shifting on her.

Lynette watched in silence as Kelly made herself comfortable astride her stomach. Kelly’s knees were pressing on her shoulders now, and her wrists were being held to the floor next to the sides of her head as Kelly’s hands gripped them tightly.

“Are you tired of me sitting on you bitch?” Kelly asked the trapped girl beneath her.

“Yes…” Lynette mumbled. “Please let me up, ok?”

Kelly smiled as she quickly slid her knees in and pressed them into Lynette’s cheeks.

“OOWWW!” Lynette moaned.

“Just make sure you don’t get any more ideas of flirting with my boyfriend,” Kelly warned her as she began to grind her knees against Lynette’s cheeks, distorting her facial features.

“Stop it!” Lynette cried out. “You’re hurting me!”

Kelly began laughing as she looked down into Lynette’s face.

“You think this hurts?” She smiled, as she pressed her knees harder into Lynette’s cheeks. “If I have to come back here, you’ll REALLY know what pain is, you bitch!”

“OOOOWWWW!!!” Lynette yelled. “Stop!… Please!”

Kelly spread her knees away from Lynette’s cheeks and rested them on top of her shoulders again. She released Lynette’s wrists and put her hands onto the tops of her thighs.

“I guess you had enough for today.” Kelly smiled, as she looked down into Lynette’s face. She slowly crawled off of Lynette and got up to her feet. Standing next to Lynette as she remained on her back, Kelly placed her foot lightly onto Lynette’s throat.

“Aaagghh!” Lynette moaned, as she looked up at the girl towering next to her.

“Don’t make me have to come looking for you again!” Kelly warned Lynette, before removing her foot from the defeated girl’s throat.

Lynette continued to lay outstretched on her back, whimpering quietly now, as Kelly confidently walked towards the door.

courtesy of Stories of Long Schoolgirl Pins … a fantastic site!

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