No Way Out Execution
Posted on March 16, 2019 / 6140
Listing Type : Executrix

Bella has a body built for destruction… all power and agility. She has Del trapped in a ravine and just where she wants him. There is no one to hear his screams, just Bella deciding his fate. The only way out is to get past her.

Bella catches Del with solid kick to the gut knocking him to the ground. Before he can catch his breath, she mounts him and uses her pussy and ass to control his breathing, leaving him very little for his heart, lungs and brain.

To further his suffering and further his demise, Bella subjects Del to a tremendous series of brain rattling face punches. Sensing his inability to offer resistance, Bella slides up and mounts him in a tight schoolgirl pin. To keep him extra secure, Bella handcuffs Del to totally immobilize him.

Bella wriggles her ass and pussy onto his mouth and nose to ensure he can’t breath. Sitting her ass onto a victim’s face is one of her most favorite things to do. A feeling of ecstacy washes over her each time, and this is particuarly enjoyable as his futile writhing grows weaker. There is simply no way out from under the weight of her ass crushing his face, taking his air.

While he struggles Bella taunts him for his inability to offer any kind of resistance knowing that one these last desperate gasps will be his very last.

Length: 8 minutes
Resolution: 1920×1080 MP4

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