Renata Hronova
Posted on June 7, 2018 / 4295
Listing Type : Female Bodybuilders

Rene is a beautiful and highly accomplished IFBB. She has trained for many years and competed in numerous contests. Rene has dedicated herself to fitness and acheivement.

She is also a highly formidable wrestler. She has amazing reflexes and coupled with her power, Rene can overwhelm her opponents. Get trapped in her scissors, and you will find them totally inescapable. You will use all of your energy trying to escape her holds and ultimately find yourself flat on your back with Rene sitting on top of you as she enjoys her victory.

Rene is a bright and extremely pleasant lady who cares that you have a fun and enjoyable session. She also wants it clear that she does not offer sex, and wishes that you don’t ask.

Renata Hronova
Listing Type : Female Bodybuilders

168 cm (5-7), 70-80 kg (154-176 lb), born: 1986

competitive wrestling
fantasy wrestling
leg scissors
lift & carry
muscle worship
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