Cat Fight School Girl Pin – Halloween Humiliation

Cat Fight School Girl Pin – Halloween Humiliation

Beth and Lori were looking forward to a fun Halloween night of costumes and drinking. Looking spectacular in their costumes, they had some time to kill before the start of the party. With that, they headed to the back yard to get warmed up with some vodka martinis. It was an unusually warm October evening and both ladies knocked back a couple pretty quickly.

They were dressed up as a female wrestling tag team with Beth as BatGirl and Lori sporting a Wonder Woman costume. Beth felt particularly sexy in her costume. At 5’5 and 110lbs, she strutted around the yard making wrestling poses. Lori laughed and said, “You wish you could really do that.” Beth said back, “I can take anyone!” Lori stood up and said, “Anyone but me.” Lori stands 5’7” and weighs 130lbs. With a laugh, Beth said, “Well bring it then.”

Lori and Beth locked up and battled to take the other down. Lori had been in a few fights before and she swept Beth’s legs out from under her and they went down in a heap. She quickly got a rear choke on Beth and wrapped her legs around her waist. Beth twisted and wriggled and both ladies quickly got a bit sweaty. Lori said, “So you give right.” Beth, who had never been in a fight before, did not want to lose so easily. She grimaced and said, “No Way!”

Beth managed to twist around so that she was face to face and on top. Lori still had her arms and legs around Beth but could feel her losing her grip. Beth got her hands on the ground and pushed, breaking Lori’s arms from holding her. Beth then went backwards and slithered out of Lori’s legs. Beth was now on her knees as Lori was starting to get up. Beth was coming at her and Lori threw a knee into Beth’s stomach. It caught Beth by surprise knocking her on to her back. Lori got on top of her and was trying to tie up her legs in a grapevine pin. But Beth kept them free, locked up Lori with arms and they began to roll. When Beth was on top, she sprawled her legs to stop and she now had Lori on her back.

Beth grabbed her wrists and scrambled to kneeling position astride Lori. She dropped her cute ass full weight onto Lori’s belly. Lori sure felt the impact and let out an “oomph as Beth’s weight landed on her belly. Beth also had Lori’s wrists. Lori tried to keep Beth from getting her wrists on the ground, but from the bottom it was impossible and soon Beth soon got her wrists pinned by her head.

She used her legs to try to buck Beth off, but her balance was too good. Plus each time she did this, Beth’s weight would land hard on her belly. Lori tried twisting free but Beth squeezed her legs into Lori’s mid section. Realizing the advantage, Beth began to bounce her ass up and down on to Lori’s stomach, each time landing with a thud and Lori making an “oomph.”

Lori finally stopped struggling. Beth pinned her arms with her knees and folded her arms across her chest.  Beth was truly enjoying her position of dominance and Lori could not believe she was on her back with the smaller girl sitting on her.

Beth looked down at her and said, “it looks like you are the one who has to give!” Lori told her to get up but she was in no position to make demands. Beth said, “give up and I will think about it.” She was enjoying herself too much anyway. Lori snarled, “no way.” With that, Beth slid up so that she was sitting on Lori’s chest with her thighs encasing Lori’s face and shins firmly pinning her arms. Beth felt quite a rush as she now had Lori in a humiliating school girl pin. She had never been in a fight before yet her she had Lori pinned flat. Lori shouted, “get the hell off of me you bitch!”

Beth laughed and figured she really press her win. She slid up a little further so that she was covering Lori’s face and she could be heard as “mmmpppphhhhh.”  Lori struggled to get free from Beth sitting on her face but it was to no avail. Beth was too strong and Lori was too exhausted. After about 30 seconds, Beth slid back so that she was sitting back on top of her tits. Beth looked down at her and said, “I am TRULY enjoying this.” Lori shouted, “just get up you damn bitch!” It’s never good to taunt the person who is sitting on you and Beth bounced her ass on her foes chest. Lori shouted, “Ouch! That fucking hurts.” With that, Beth slid forward again covering up Lori’s mouth, saying, “Well this will shut you up.” She enjoyed the muffled sounds of Lori hurling protest.”MMMMPPPPPHHHHH.” She also gave her face an extra squeeze with her thighs. After about 60 seconds, she slid back allowing her some air.

Lori gasped in some breaths and angrily said, “how much longer do you intend to do this?” Her nemesis looked down at her and said bluntly, “until I am ready to let you up.” Lori again shouted, “you fucking bitch!”  With that, Beth slide up yet again and squeezed her face tightly with her thighs. Lori tried to not make noise or struggle realizing Beth enjoyed it when she did. But she could help it with the warmth of Beth’s pussy through her spandex costume covering up her mouth and nose. Before long, Lori resumed, “mmmmmpppphhhh!’

Finally Beth moved back and dropped her ass on to Lori, sitting on her stomach. Lori let an oomph as the wind was forced out of her as Beth landed. She kept her knees on Lori’s wrists, adjusted herself to comfortable position, folder her arms across her chest and continued sitting full weight on her belly. Lori did not bother to struggle as Beth enjoyed the sensation of dominance. She looked down into Lori’s face, and said, “you shouldn’t have insisted that I give. It only made me more determined.” Lori had to accept the reality that the smaller lady had won as she was completely pinned and unable to do anything about it. She looked up at Beth, and said, “well, I cannot believe that you kicked my ass.” Beth said, “I am still sitting on you so that pretty means that I am STILL kicking your ass!” Both ladies laughed and Beth said, “say that you give and I will let you up.” Lori said, “I GIVE!” With that, Beth finally got up and gave Lori a hand getting up off the ground.

They finished the rest of their drinks and headed off to the party.

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