Spanish Soap Opera Catfight

Spanish Soap Opera Catfight

In the final episode of Celebridade, Maria Clara gets even with Laura (played by Cláudia Abreu).

Maria (played by Malu Mader) traps Laura in the bathroom at a banquet. Maria slaps Laura across the face. Angry Laura rushes at Maria only to be slapped harder, knocking her to the ground.

Before she has a chance to get up, Maria jumps on top and gets control of her arms. Laura twists and bucks, but has no chance to get free from the bigger and stronger Maria.

Maria pins Laura’s arms with her knees and sits her weight onto Laura’s belly. With her rival pinned beneath her, Maria proceeds to deliver a series of powerful slaps across Laura’s face.

The petite Laura has no chance of escape with the heavier Maria Clara sitting on her and arms trapped in her pinioning thighs. Laura yells but can only try to ride it out.

Its not long before Laura is pretty much motionless beneath Maria Clara, who finally gets up and leaves Laura laying on the floor of the bathroom. The production team hammed it up pretty good with blood and effects.

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