Busted on the Beach
Posted on May 23, 2020 / 5028
Listing Type : Mixed Wrestling

Kitty is enjoying the sun and Del thinks he is going to make an easy score, but she wakes up as he is trying to grab her purse. In the ensuing struggle, Del is about to get on top of Kitty, but she studied BJJ in college. Before he knows what is happening, Kitty reverses him onto his back and scrambles on top, crash landing her ass onto his stomach. She quickly gets control of his arms and pins them with her knees. To take the fight out of him, Kitty works over his face with some stinging slaps. Del cannot believe that he is flat on his back with Kitty sitting on him. Kitty decides to call the police on her phone and dispatch tells her to keep sitting on his stomach and hold him down. Del is in quite a predicament knowing everyone on the beach is watching him being flattened and there is nothing he can do about it. He also knows it is going to be quite a while longer being sat on because the beach is far from the road. Kitty is immensely enjoying her mastery over Del as she taunts him and revels in her weight bearing down on as she continues the pin down.

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Running time: 11 minutes
Format: HD MP4

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