Bettie Brickhouse
Posted on March 21, 2022 / 2749
Listing Type : Female wrestlers
Location : ChicagoIllinois

Bettie is a young and highly experienced session wrestler. She is VERY powerful and takes tremendous delight in defeating men. In fact, she just doesn’t loose a wrestling match to a man and Bettie will enjoy every moment of your suffering. Bettie takes on men, women, non-binary folks and couples. Something they all have in common is their loss when going up against Bettie.

A few quick about wrestling: Bettie can can flip a 285 lb tire, deadlift 200 lbs and squat 380 lbs. She is well versed in all types of wrestling and wins 99% of the time. Bettie is also quite capable when it comes to throwing punches and does fantasy & semi-comp boxing.

Lift & carry: Bettie also excels at lift and carry and is uniquely good at it. She can do piggyback, firemans carry, front lift, bear hug, shoulder rides, and more. I can hold these lifts for 5 minutes for people in the 150 range, and I can lift a 270 lb person in a firemans carry, if he starts from an elevated surface.

Pro-Domme: Bettie enjoys sissification, spanking, whipping/flogging, humiliation, furniture, foot domination, pegging/strap-on, and more. She is heavily involved in the BDSM community and is a Dominant woman for pleasure.
In general: Something to note is that Bettie is very friendly, despite her serious pictures. She is open to filming fetish clips of all types, and if you dont see your city on the travel schedule, email me anyway, and I’ll look at adding it. “My session wrestling info is on top, and my Pro Domme info is further down the page, but I’m happy to combine these type of sessions. My sessions start at $350/hour.”

  • I have availability at all times of the day for local sessions.
  • I am available for travel, but you have to make a deposit in advance so I know you are not a time waster.
  • I am now offering sessions in my own home, with wrestling mats, as well as personal training sessions. My roommate (who is not a wrestler, but a Domme), might be around, alongside dogs, who will be not allowed in our area.
  • If you see something on my travel schedule, that does not mean I will definitely go. These are events/places I would like to attend, and I am waiting to secure a deposit in your city.
  • I am happy to take you to the local dungeon as a part of our session, to humiliate you or show you off to everyone involved.

If you want to book with me, please fill out my intake form. It’ll also help determine scheduling: ttps://

Bettie Brickhouse
Listing Type : Female wrestlers
Location : ChicagoIllinois

5’7″” tall, 230 pounds

competitive wrestling
face sitting
fantasy boxing
fantasy wrestling
Female v Female Wrestling
leg scissors
lift & carry
pin wrestling
playful wrestling
role play
semi-competitive wrestling
strength challenges
Submission Wrestling
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