Syren Delicious
Posted on August 6, 2018 / 5743
Listing Type : Female wrestlers
Location : Las Vegas

Syren Delicious is clearly a very attractive woman. It is also very easy to be lulled into a sense of complacency by her beauty. Syren is naturally dominant with the skill and strength to defeat whomever she decides to.

Syren began training in judo and karate, and that is where she discovered her love for fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling. The rush of dominating men and throwing them around like rag dolls is something Syren finds infinitely pleasing. As a dancer, she has considerable agility. She trains routinely and maintains a very high degree of strength and fitness.  Her legs are particularly lethal, certainly beautiful and shapely, but also dangerous weapons. Syren can use her legs to twist you into an infinite series of pretzel like shapes, leaving you gasping and exhausted.

She is very open minded and truly enjoys role play. No fantasy frightens her. Syren is very creative and enjoys being both sadistic and sensual… whichever the situation calls for. As a man tamer, she loves for her feet and ass to be worshipped.

Communication is key with Syren and she will treat you with same level of respect that you treat her. She will efficiently discuss your session details and her rates, then either book or not. Full competitive matches are a possibility, but that only comes once she knows you by having previously had fantasy or sem-competitive at least once.

Syren also welcomes custom catfight and wrestling video requests! She has access to a number of established production companies

Syren Delicious
Listing Type : Female wrestlers
Location : Las Vegas

5-7″ tall 130 pounds and very athletic

fantasy boxing
fantasy wrestling
leg scissors
lift & carry
role play
semi-competitive wrestling
strength challenges
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