Devorah Reine
Posted on June 8, 2018 / 2866
Listing Type : Dommes

Devorah has a petite frame at 5-2 110 pounds, 32C-24-30. But don’t let that fool you.. she is very strong with cat-like reflexes. Devorah has trained in Muay Thai boxing, MMA and Jiu-Jitsu. Her very high degree of athleticism, training and natural dominance has enabled the defeat of many opponents.

Devorah truly enjoys placing people into various predicaments, and can certainly impose force and will to do so. She is a pro-domme who excels in creative role-play scenarios and has sessions rife with intense teasing, smothering, beatdowns, and scissoring. Using her power over others through boxing, wrestling, holds, as well as muscle worship (abs, biceps, and glutes) is something she relishes.

“When I was younger, I began displaying dominant behavior over my male peers- especially on the playground where I was eager compete in sports as well as skateboarding and BMX biking.”

Devorah Reine
Listing Type : Dommes
belly punching
fantasy wrestling
foot domination
muscle worship
role play
semi-competitive wrestling
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