Ms Savannah Sly
Posted on June 8, 2018 / 3022
Listing Type : Dommes
Location : WashingtonSeattle

Savannah is a truly imposing woman. Certainly beautiful beyond measure, naturally dominant and powerful, she can truly break you down and hand you your ass! At 6′ tall and 155 pounds of feminine strength, her body was made to control and built for mixed wrestling. Her creativity and beauty brings a sensual yet very wicked fantasy aspect.

Her legs are powerful weapons and when trapped in her scissors, you will not escape… but will beg for mercy. Savannah knows her holds and can place you in a twisted variety of them. She also has had training in boxing. Her long arms give her the ability to deliver stinging, disorienting blows from a variety of angles. Take on Savannah and you will ultimately find yourself flat on your back, exhausted and with Savannah sitting on top of you as she enjoys her victory. It is there where you will stay until she is ready to let you up.

Ms Savannah Sly
Listing Type : Dommes
Location : WashingtonSeattle
fantasy boxing
fantasy wrestling
leg scissors
role play
victory poses
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