Goddess Severa
Posted on June 8, 2018 / 8195
Listing Type : Dommes
Location : CaliforniaSan Diego

At 6’5″ 42 1/2 DD – 29 – 38, green eyes and long blonde hair and the beauty of a fashion model, Goddess Severa is quite striking. But she also has amazing athletic abilities and abundant skill. Severa is a former professional and college athlete who now holds a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She EXCELS at defeating opponents. Weighing in at a lean 180lbs, she can put you in a series of debilitating locks, scissors and pins. It won’t take long until you are trapped.. and that is just how you will stay until Severa decides otherwise.

Severa is also a professional domintrix with 7 years experience and 3 years in a NYC based theatre group. Her creativity and naturally dominant tendencies combine for uniquely intense combination.

Goddess Severa
Listing Type : Dommes
Location : CaliforniaSan Diego

6’5″ (194 cm) – and close to 7′ tall in heels!
My weight is between 180-185 lbs.
Bust/waist/hips: 44 DDD, 31″, 40″
Biceps: 13″
Thighs: 23 ½”
Calves: 15 ½”
Inseam: 38″
Hands: pinky to thumb is 9 ½”, long finger to end of hand is 8″
Shoe size: 12 wide or 13- depending on the make of the shoe.
Eyes: Green
Hair: naturally blond.
Background: Scandinavian and German descent

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