Mistress Ginger Stone
Posted on June 8, 2018 / 3376
Listing Type : Dommes
Location : IllinoisChicago

Mistress Ginger Stone is a sensual yet sadistic pro-domme with 15 years of experience. At 5’9″ tall and a beautiful 150lbs, she is a truly imposing woman. But don’t let her beauty place you into a sense of lull… when it comes to mixed wrestling, Mistress Ginger is a true force!

Mistress Ginger has great power and a master of wrestling holds. With her cat-like reflexes, she is fully capable of bending you into a variety of pretzel like shapes. Her leg scissors are inescapable and strength sapping. Take her on and you will find yourself defeated. You will be flat on your back with Ginger sitting on top of you, smiling and starring down while she completely enjoys your predicament.

Mistress Ginger Stone
Listing Type : Dommes
Location : IllinoisChicago
fantasy wrestling
foot domination
leg scissors
role play
victory poses
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