Bikini Battle Schoolgirl Pin
Posted on May 1, 2020 / 9456
Listing Type : Catfight

Roommates Kelly and Crimson are getting ready for their spring break trip and trying on their bikinis. Crimson insults Kelly’s scrunch bottom style. Kelly comes back with insisting that Crimson’s strap style pink one looks like trash from Hot Topic. Kelly shouldn’t have done that as she finds herself flat on her back with Crimson sitting on her. Crimson gets control of her arms and slides up into a tight schoolgirl pin. Kelly twists and writhes in effort to unseat her roommate, but it is of no use. Crimson makes sure to sit her sexy bikini clad ass in just the right spot atop of Kelly’s chest. As she rides Kelly’s tits, Crimson bounces and jiggles on Kelly’s chest as she taunts her. Kelly realizes that Crimson is going to continue sitting on her as long as she decides too, and she totally enjoys her dominant position.

Format: HD MP4
Running Time: 11mins

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