You Stole My Bikini Schoolgirl Pin
Posted on February 15, 2020 / 6792
Listing Type : Catfight

Kitty left a sexy bikini at Cerise’s house. This gave Cerise the thought that she had license to wear it, but she was totally wrong. Kitty sees her lounging at the beach wearing HER bikini. Before Cerise has a chance to react, Kitty sits her sexy ass on top of Cerise’s stomach and pins her arms with her knees, trapping her in a classic shoolgirl pin. Cerise denies the bikini is Kitty’s, but she is literally in no place to argue as the bigger woman’s weight bears down on her belly. Kitty taunts her and threatens to take back her bikini leaving Cerise naked on the beach. Cerise complains that Kitty is heavy and that her arms are going numb with Kitty’s knees pressing down on them. This just makes Kitty enjoy crushing her all that much more.

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Running time: 10mins
Format: HD MP4

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